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Published: 26 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My husband and I went to Hub Hyundai to look for a car. We had been to several other places without much luck. We were very close to the end of our search for that day. A very nice salesman approached us and long story short, we were able to settle on a vehicle. The price and terms were acceptable so we waited our turn with the finance department. The finance guy had the paperwork all together including gap insurance, an extended warranty and an anti-theft recognition acknowledgement. We told him we didn’t want any of it. We had car insurance that would replace the vehicle with a one year newer model. We had never purchased an extended warranty and wasn’t about to start then. We didn’t know what the anti-theft thing was but if it was going to cost, we didn’t want it. Our payment went from $346 a month down to $317 for five years. The finance guy kept pushing the extended warranty and we kept telling him we didn’t want it. He said he could get it for us for free, and I told him I didn’t trust the work free coming from a car salesman. Then I looked him dead in the eye and said, “No warranty”. So, he got busy and started shuffling stuff here and there and supposedly reprinting the paperwork. Once he was done, we started signing the paperwork and came across one that he explained represented a new law that had just gone into effect at the beginning of the year that — according to him — guaranteed that we would purchase our own full coverage car insurance within 30 days of the purchase of the car or we would be penalized $2500. The cost of this insurance policy is added up front to our financing, but would be re-imbursed as soon as proof of insurance is provided. He said it was required in order to purchase the car. It was the law. I told him that $2500 seemed like a pretty steep penalty. He laughed and said, “well, you know lawmakers”. Then he want on to assure me that there would be no problems for me as long as I purchased my own insurance. So I signed it. It appears on the contract as Consumer Protection agreement. Then we came to the anti-theft recognition acknowledgement. Again, I told him I didn’t want it if it was going to cost me. He said that what I was signing was only an acknowledgement that the vehicle was set up for anti-theft devices during its manufacture. I wasn’t agreeing to purchase an anti-theft program, such as an alarm monitoring service. He also said that since the vehicle already had the equipment, I couldn’t not sign it because the equipment couldn’t be taken off. So I signed it. I purchased this car on Feb 8, 2014. I submitted proof of insurance on Feb 14, 2014. I stopped in at the dealership and left a copy of my insurance card. No one was available to talk to me about my $2500 refund. So I left and started calling about the refund. It took me a month to finally get through to a person instead of someone’s voicemail. I was told that since the law was so new, it would take a couple of months before I saw the refund on my statement. At the beginning of July, I still had not received my refund so I called and I got through to a different finance guy. He had no idea what I was talking about so he pulled up my information on the computer and lo and behold, I didn’t purchase an insurance policy. I purchased an extended warranty for $2500. I also paid $800 for the installation of anti-theft devices in my car. You know, the ones I had to sign a paper acknowledging were already installed in the manufacturing process. And they had extended the term of the loan out by another year. So now, I had to pay on this used car for six years instead of five. My husband was beyond furious. He goes into the dealership and the finance guy who schmucked us told him that we must have forgotten that we puchased a warranty and that it couldn’t be cancelled. That made me beyond furious so I called the warranty company. They wouldn’t talk to me without my contract number. We didn’t have a contract because we never purchased one. So we went back to the dealership. They told us the warranty information was included in our original paperwork, but we had it all with us and there was no warranty info. So we asked for a copy of the warranty. I didn’t believe there was one. I thought they had just charged us for one. Today is October 10, and we still don’t have a copy of our warranty. My husband nearly had the police called on him while he was in there. This company defrauded us out of $3200 with bold face lies. I will be filling out every review form I can find from now until I am confident that I have prevented enough sales from happening with them such that they lose 10 times more than they have cost me. If it’s as easy as I think it’s going to be, I probably won’t stop until I’ve cost them to lose 50 times more.

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