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Full of foolish, stupid, and careless professionals.

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Published: 27 May 2019

Posted by: Enrique

I got my braces at Hunter Orthodontics and I can tell you, it was the worst investment I have ever made in my life. I had to spend a lot of money on the treatment and I ended up getting the wrong results. These people didn’t do anything at all. They just wasted my time and money. I still have a few teeth who are twisted as if they never got any braces in the first place. And let me tell you, I was wearing braces for the last 18 months. They just don’t know how to perform a simple procedure like providing accurate braces. They just messed up everything. I used to visit that place on a regular basis, like on every 2-3 weeks. They used to charge me well for those visits. But they didn’t do anything. I went to another orthodontist when I realized I wasn’t getting results. And when I got there, I found out that my braces didn’t fit properly and so they were practically useless. I wasted so much time, and so much money on their nonsensical treatment. It’s painful to even think about it. I regret my decision to visiting this clinic. If I hadn’t visited them, I wouldn’t be facing these issues. I searched for them online to find out if there were any other people who had faced such issues but there weren’t any. In fact, there were just a huge lot of positive reviews about the place. I’m now certain that they publish a lot of fake reviews too. That’s because the kind of carelessness and negligence they showed on my treatment doesn’t seem like a one-time mistake. There must have been a huge lot of people facing the side effects of getting treatment at Hunter Orthodontics. I am now getting my treatment at someplace else. These people are horrible They are not only incompetent but they also lack professionalism. They wasted my 18 months of treatment, gave me no results and didn’t even accept their fault. According to the staff there, it was all my fault for messing up the treatment. And I don’t even know how is that possible. These people have no sense of humanity at all. I lost a lot of money due to these people. Heck, if I had gotten a second opinion earlier, I wouldn’t have lost so much of my money and time. If an orthodontist doesn’t even know how to install braces on a patient’s teeth, then it’s clear that the orthodontist has no idea what he or she is doing. The worst part is, there aren’t any reviews online which show this side of this clinic. You’d always think they are some reliable professionals which they are not. I do not recommend visiting this place. You should stay as far as possible from Hunter Orthodontics. That way you’ll be able to keep your teeth as well as your finances intact.

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