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My aunt had a HORRIBLE experience!

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Published: 19 June 2019

Posted by: Debbie

She got mad at me later on as to why I got her admitted in a shitty place like Huntington Valley care center. She thought I had deliberately chosen such a poor place. I told her that I didn’t know this place was so terrible. From their website and the way it looked, I didn’t think they’d be terrible. I was actually hoping them to be one of the best ones. Turns out, I was gravely mistaken. The negative reviews about this place are true. You wouldn’t want to let any of your relatives or close people stay here. The staff is unprofessional, the doctors are lazy and it’s totally overpriced. You’d be better off someplace else. If I had known this place was so pathetic, I wouldn’t have chosen it myself.

Doctors rarely see the patients. They’d see them randomly. My aunt stayed there for 3-4 weeks and she only saw the doctor once. That’s how pathetic this place really is. They don’t have any sense of responsibility and even though they are a care center, they don’t have a speck of humanity in their hearts. The doctors should be more responsible and attentive to the needs of the patients. They don’t care about their well-being or health. I never got to talk to the doctors there. She was in physical therapy for God’s sake! I was promised that doctors would be checking up on her regularly. The doctor saw her only within the first three days of her stay. After that, she never got to see the doctor. What kind of care center it is if they can’t provide their patients with sufficient doctors? Either they have too few doctors or their doctors are too lazy. And also, you can’t get in touch with the patient there. They hate it when you bother them. They tell you a specific time to call and it’s always random. Even when you give them a call at that specified time, it’s not necessary that you’ll get to talk to the patient. I only got to talk to my aunt 3 or 4 times. And that was when I used to give her a call on every 2 or 3 days. I didn’t want her to feel left out. Whenever I’d give them a call, they’d give me a lame excuse like ‘patients aren’t allowed to talk at this hour’ or ‘she’s sleeping’. At first, those excuses seemed really genuine. But later on, they began to repeat these excuses for different timings. That’s when I realized that they just don’t like their patients talking to their relatives. They must be afraid that the patient would complain and they’d lose the business. They are greedy, shallow and deeply selfish people. I hate it that I made my aunt stay there. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone. Find someplace else where the staff is professional and the doctors are responsible. Avoid this center.

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