Hurricane Express Inc

Hurricane Express Inc

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Published: 14 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Well we finally got are last check today, WOW what a shock I never would of thought that a Company would sit there and rip off there drivers like this one does. It is amazing that $1000.00 for abandoning truck that was left at there yard and Dispatch was notified, then $1000.00 for a sign on bonus ,what sign on bonus and how can u take it away after we have been there for 8 months. Sign bonus means you gave it to us because we signed on, not because you feel like it. Stay away from this company they don’t care about you or any thing that has to do with you. Obviously they need the money because to screw drivers the way they do it is unbelievable. HURRICANE EXPRESS IS NOT ABOUT THE DRIVERS IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM! MONEY HUNGRY PEOPLE! We are not disgruntled employees actually we had a nice run while we where there,but when it was time to move on to better things all the friendships are no longer there, all of a sudden you are a bad person for wanting to move on get off the road to be home every day. Stay away do your research before going there, there office is a like a revolving door 3 quit 2 come to orientation then 3 more quit.Ask your self why is there so many complaints on this Web site, why do they have so many law suits. STAY AWAY!!!

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This company takes & 036;15,000 from each student and then provides zero support. Local coordinators are ridiculous, but get paid


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