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Hurricane marketing - the scam that sounds so good I could almost not resist

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Published: 17 August 2017

Posted by: Emma E. Orear

So one morning, I woke up to an exciting mail. I say exciting because well, it is very rare that I receive any checks in my mail. Come to think of it, I never receive checks in my mail. Oh well, this really did not hit me on this bright and beautiful morning. The thing is, I was broke and so are my friends and possibly everyone I know. Not poor just broke, we get by but nothing fancy ever comes through for us. We are what people would call “average”. I was very excited therefore to receive a check worth $4,355.
Like every other girl out there, I definitely have a big mouth. I call up my favorite friend and tell her the great news. After all, what I had to do was shop LOL! I can definitely shop. She tells me that she too received a check from the same company and she was just about to call me. So we meet up at our usual place at Duffy’s dinner for a cup of coffee and discuss the great news. So we wanted to find out who these morons are who just send you a check in your mail knowing you could cash it and never really do anything they want you to do with the money and they will have nothing to say abt it.
According to the mail, we had been hired as part of a mystery shopping crew but we were on probation. The initial assignment would have us earn about $450 every week for the first three months. This would increase to $500 per week after six months. Yes, it sounds good but does that sentence really make sense? Double back talk bullshit for sure! The fun part of the assignment was that all we ever had to do was shop and send the money we would not be using to some other person via western union. Bonus, we got to keep all the items we bought, Amen to that!! This deal is dope. I mean we get to earn a lot of cash from doing something we both enjoyed and, of course, keeping whatever item we bought
The trick is that while they are nice enough to have you wait until the check clears for you to perform the transactions, we found out that going to the bank with their check automatically gives them access to your bank details, fucking thieves! B4 running to the bank we decided to do some research on the company, if they were legit and had recruited people, someone must have surely said something about how great they are. So we got on Google like every1 in the 21st century and searched… nothing.
All we could find was Hurricane windows a legitimate company that deals with windows in Florida, does not really sound like a mystery shopping company. We move on to search for the numbers they had given in the mail where we could contact them 514-562-634 and the fax number 954-206-0175. The numbers appear to be from Canada. The twist is that they are not registered with any company and may even be from a disposable phone. This rings a bell and we are very disappointed because we really thought we had something good finally coming our way. Screw those retards for messing with our heads. This is crazy stuff, Shitty and downright low!!
So in warning to fellow broke people who are looking to earn some extra money in any way possible, do not be tempted by the lucrative offers presented to u by the Hurricane marketing company. While the deal may be good, it is too good. If you cash that check, you will be in big trouble. They may register you for some type of service that charges your account a certain amount of money each month. These are shameless people, you should know. Sometimes the check may be a stolen one and cashing it will land you in a great deal of trouble with the law and prison is not very appealing. Do NOT trust the mail you receive from hurricane marketing, you will lose a lot more that you think. Remember to tell a friend to tell a friend about these low life scum bags!

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