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Published: 18 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The City of Albion contracted with HydroDesigns to send letters to dentists in Albion to install backflow connections in their basements back in 2007. I did as asked promptly. HydroDesign claims that they do not have to answer to me they work for the city of Albion, yet they are the ones that make demands and write letters to me. Every year since 2007, HydroDesigns sends a letter saying that by October 3rd of each year or so, I have to have the backflow prevention system tested by a plumber and it costs about $150. I have always promptly done as asked and had the system tested and the results faxed to HydrDesigns as stated in the letter. Like most professionals, my name is very important to me and my reputation. Every single year, in spite of my doing exactly as HydroDesigns has asked me to do and in spite of the fact that I do it on time, HydroDesign sends me a delingquent letter about November 8th of each year stating that I have NOT done what they state and then they make threats. This is disconcerting on a number of levels. First, the letter is not true because I infact do comply with all that HydroDesigns (as a designate of the city of Albion) asks me to do and I do it on time. Secondly, they —-in the manner that the letter is worded and with the threats—defame my character in that they characterize me as a person who is not compliant and does not do as asked and that is not who I am nor is it who I have ever been. Thirdly, I have been greatly distressed by their response in that when I call to clear up their error, they insist on continuing to send the delinquent notices in spite of the fact that there is no truth to them, in spite of the fact that it wastes valuable resources, in spite of the fact that it is defamatory, in spite of the fact that it is insulting to me as a citizen who actually tries to be compliant. They are saying by continually sending these letters that not only is my compliance not noted, but they also do not care if they defame me or lie about me and they do not care how I feel about it and they are not going to change. When I asked them to kindly stop sending the letters that were in error they told me that, “They had a right to send the errored letters.” I felt like I was living in the land of Oz at that point of Wonderland where nothing made sense. Every time I would try to talk to them and try to point out I had sent the materials they asked for, they would hang up on me or say that the City of Albion was responsible. The bottom line is that at the end of the day all any of us has is our character and that means something to me. I work hard to be a person of character. They have for six years consistently defamed me and my efforts to be a good citizen and have laughed, hung up on, and belittled my efforts to “make things right” or in any way rectify this situation. It is intolerable for me to continue to live in a world where someone is allowed to write whatever they feel like about me and claim that “they have a right to.” I am sure if they were honest with themselves, they would find that intolerable too. Please do something about this situation. Do not allow this company to continue defaming innocent people who really do try to obey the law and comply. What kind of motivation is that to comply; only to then get a letter with threats and mischaracterisations of your very being? Then in good faith, when you try to work things out, some preadolescent laughs at you? I am upset! .

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