I.C.T. Engines, Inc.

I.C.T. Engines, Inc.

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Published: 19 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had my 1996 ford truck brought in for a rebuilt engine to be installed. They quoted me $2095 installed. They disassembled the engine and started the nightmare. My original engine was running but it had a blown head gasket and 249K miles. They said the heads were bad; (ok could be $200) rollers, coolant, hoses, water pump,(it was new . thats why gasket blew, engine got hot). | The list went on and on finally totaling $5786.77 They had collected an $800 deposit to do the teardown (Non refundable). I understand they should make money on parts but the kicker was the gas tank. They charged me $250 to R&R tank and another $250 to clean the same tank. Thats $500 for a tank that cost $72.77 at carparts.com and it included free shipping. They said it was necessary to keep the warranty as bad gas would void it. That was the front tank, they never touched the back tank. Thank goodness. | The truck was a project and was in my barn for the first 6 months replacing the interior, carpet,shocks,brakes headliner and seat covers. The 3 year 100K mile warranty is for parts only after 90 days. I started driving the truck and I noticed a knock in the engine when it was cold. It was persistant and I took it in for repair. They told me it wasn`t the engine but the torque converter making the noise and they would replace it for $380 labor and the cost of the converter. They had one coming and the truck would be ready that afternoon… Three days went by and I finally called them. They said the “bad torque converter” damaged the crankshaft and the engine had to be replaced. Funny the same torque converter hadn`t damaged the original engine crankshaft. | I had only put 895 miles on the rebuilt engine and when I went to pick it up they presented me with a bill for $1040.00. I accused them of Bait and switch tactics and complained that I had only 895 miles on the engine and they knocked the bill down to $520. I feel the crank wasn`t machined properly in the first place and that is what caused the horizontal movement of the crank that damaged the engine. The new carpet in the truck now has oil stains all over the drivers side. Don`t take your vehicle to this place. They will rip you off….

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