They allow drunk people to race

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Published: 19 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I Drive NASCAR is supposed to be fun with friends but I didn’t experience fun with friends.
It’s an awful place with unpleasant drivers and employees. It is risky to drive these karts and people don’t see the dangers of the track.
People at the I Drive NASCAR ignored the many calls about a broken kart. A negligent and don\’t care attitude toward complaints of the low maintained kart isn’t what I expected from this place.
I noticed employees were under the influence of alcohol while driving karts. I expected happy experiences but had drunk drivers driving karts and I waited two hours to drive the karts.
Karts didn’t have comfortable seating. The unskilled drivers didn’t matter to the company.
I didn’t get what I paid for at I Drive NASCAR.
The experienced didn’t start on the good foot for me.
I complained to the manager of the bad service I had from staff members. This didn’t make sense to the manager. I was at fault and they wouldn’t see it in any other form. There’s not enough information on the karts and I couldn’t find anyone who knew something of the karts.
The hard track and the heat on me made me feel exhausted while waiting in line.
The awful experience at I Drive NASCAR ruined my fun day. The unfriendly staff doesn’t answer telephone calls. This way, I had no idea of what to expect in costs and of the kart races.
The quick laps weren’t pleasant due to the two crashes I had with two drunk men in karts. It is unbelievable at I Drive NASCAR for permitting the drunken men to drive these karts!
I won’t go back to this place, there’s no good customer\’s service, no respect to clients and for the terrible experience I had there. They blame customers for their wrongdoing, and I don’t expect any other persons to experience what I have at I Drive NASCAR.
The idea for a family fun day turned into a nightmare.
They crashed into my kart twice and I couldn’t go another lap.
A terrible time I had at the track and is my last time there.
Reckless drivers at I Drive NASCAR shouldn’t allow consuming alcohol at their premises.
The drunk drivers injured themselves and I don’t have injuries.
Nothing is as seen in advertisements from this company.
Racing skills are different for each age group and people need to feel safe in such places.
Time for a change and to go somewhere different for fun times but not at this company, I Drive NASCAR.
The lack of supervision allowed for drunk men to drive karts on quick laps.
People failed to consider the lives of others. Here, the staff has no control over the races. They don’t give you the best customer’s service and don’t care for your safety. It is dissatisfying with the lack of communication and information from the company.
The overpriced tickets are a waste of money at I Drive NASCAR.
Overall, the karts races are run by poorly managed staff and with a lack of anything positive. These individuals don’t know to teach each other of the races.

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