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Published: 11 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am a Shamanic guide since almost 20 years now. Me and a friend of mine are organising, guiding and supporting shamanic rituals and journeys since a very long time already and are very experienced with Entheoges of almost any kind, especially Ayahuasca and Tabernanthe iboga and we really like what we are doing and be able to support and help people on their spiritual journeys, but there is one big problem: It is all those scammers out there which are selling useless, low quality and even dangerous botanicals just for making some fast money. Those people do not know what they are doing what actually can be very dangerous. It should be our mission to make stories like that public and also publish companies and names of such egoistic individuals to avoid further scams. This is exactly the reason why i decided to write this scam report. | About 2 months back i was doing some internet research and came across the website ibogaghana.com which actually belongs to the companies BulkAfricanTrade as well as Madoe Organics. The Head of these companies is a man called Ralf Vogtel. I was stupid not doing some research about their ibogaghana website and bulkafricantrade. All i did was writing to Mr Vogtel asking him about the products he is selling and then ordered some iboga HCL, iboga TAE as well as iboga rootbark. | I received everything very fast but later it turned out that none of those 3 iboga products have been real. Except the rootbark, this was iboga but from very young trees and therefor with almost no effect. One month later i was trying the HCL which actually was fake with this strange dirty turn caused by a high dosage Voacanga alcaloids and that is actually what those kids are doing here. they extract cheap voacanga, which of course also contains a very little percentage of ibogaine but also very high percentages of different voacanga alcaloids making the trip useless for treatments. Those people simply do not understand anything about those substances, their interaction with each other and do not even understand anything about the purpose of using real ibogain. it is just some idiots thinking that cheap voacanga hcl is equal to iboga hcl since it is both powdered and white. | about 2 weeks ago i found this company selling voacanga bark on amazon and in this listing they are advertising with a sentence like “Voacanga bark will be used to produce their iboga hcl and that this is exactly the same” LOL | I would never buy again from ibogaghana bulkafricantrade, madoeorganics or Ralf Vogtel

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