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Published: 22 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Man, disappointing that I got to write this. On and off drugs for over a decade & desperate I spoke to a friend who had traveled to Mexico for the miracle cure also called iboga treatment or ibogaine treatment. He had good results and it got him clean so I thought I’d give it a shot. I shoulda gone to Mexico but after a lotta research I decided to go to Iboga Life in Costa Rica. These guys man they claim to have a ton of experience and their website seemed legit. I was coming off years of opiate use, suboxone, and occasional xanax. First of all things that dont even really matter is that i was picked up late from the airport which made me nervous, also because I was already feeling sick. Second is that the guy Robert who also goes by Bobby or something was probably the rudest person Ive encountered in some time and shouldnt be dealin with people in fragile emotional states. He repeatedly told me I was pretty much going to relapse when I left and that I shouldnt even try to quit smoking cigarettes, whch I had really wanted to as I had read before arriving that ibogaine can help with that as well. Michael was pretty much the same and at bobbys side the whole time not helping me or anyoen else feel better. The worst of all of this was the actual experience. These guys do traditional ceremonies. I dont know if that matters but what I can say is that I could feel I was withdrawing the entire time. It was miserable and I was in so much pain. Everytime I said something I was told that I wasnt feeling withdrawals that it was trauma or whatever coming out of me. I continued to have post acute withdrawals for about four weeks after my expensive and almighty iboga ceremony. These guys seemed unconcerend that it wasnt working for me and offered me no help whatsoever. Probably the most disturbing of all of this is that half of their staff was kids who had to have been under 18. There were always kids hanging around smokin joints and so called working. I didn’t really get it and it made me feel uncomfortable. My point is that these guys are scam artists claiming to know what they are doing and are possibly using minors for free labor. It’s a scam. I know that this therapy can work as my friend who went to Mexico had good results but these guys only want your money.

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