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Published: 12 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

FRAUD ALERT: Cheating and Fraud by ICCRC Consultant Abhishek Grover of ICC (Canada Immigration Solutions Inc) Address 137, Derry Road East Missisauga,ON L5T 1P3. | Abshishek Grover is running Immigration Scam under ICC Canada Immigration Inc. under the nose of the Canadian Immigration law. The guy is a con and has been associated with money laundry, organised crime in Brampton, Ontario. Everytime they open up new businesses and rip off clients. Here is my story: | I Mujtaba Abbas MOHAMMED R/o 1322 Gerrard street East Toronto M4L 1Z1 Date of Birth June-09-1977 was introduced to Mr Abhishek Grover of ICC (Canada Immigration Solutions Inc) Address 137, Derry Road East Missisauga,ON L5T 1P3 by one of my friend Mr Azhar of Thorncliffe,ONT in May’2013 for work permit and Mr Abhishek Grover told me he can process my work permit for $15,000/-(Fifteen Thousand Dollars Only) and the work permit will be for a restaurant in Edmonton,Canada. | At that point of time I had already finished my education and was looking for a Job I agreed to pay the money and arranged $10,000 from back home India and also by taking loans of $5,000 from my friend Mr Rashed R/o Gerrard Street,Toronto. That I along with my friend Mr Asif went to Mr Abhishek Grover office and gave him $5,000/- in the first week of May’2013 and he wrote a reciept but then kept the reciept with himself. | That after arranging the remaining amount of $10,000 I along with my friends Mr Asif and Mr Abdul Ghani went to the consultants office in Missisauga and gave the said amount on May’29’2013. He didnt give me a reciept and told me that he will do my work but cannot offer me a reciept, to which my friends told me to give the money as I wanted to get my work done. | On July 11’2013 on the advice of Mr Abhishek Grover I went to Edmonton,AB to work for Ricky’s All Day Grill which was owned Mr n**i and I worked there for almost 2 weeks and then Mr n**i had some monetary issues with Mr Abhishek Grover and he asked me to leave the work. I came back to Toronto on July’24’2013 and my wages for those 2 weeks were paid to Mr Abhishek Grover. I came back to Toronto and went to Mr Abhishek’s office in Missisauga for my wages for two weeks and my work permit to which Mr Abhishek asked me to sign a termination contract that I have no contract between Mr n**i’s restaurant anymore and he will give me an open work permit only after I pay him another $4,000/-. I was asked to switch off my mobile as he was thinking I was recording his conversation. I pleaded that I am helpless now and dont have anymore money to offer but he never listened to me and continuously asking me for $4,000/- and he will give me a Job and an open work permit. I then took the advice of one of my friend Mr Noor Syed who studied Immigration Consultant Diploma and he adviced me that there is no open work permit for my situation and I relaised I was duped and cheated. My friend also told me that he should have signed a retainer’s agreement with me, he should have opened a trust account and also should have given me a reciept. | I went to his office again on 30’Sep’2013 along with my friend Mr.Noor Syed and Mr Jameel but first I was told that Mr Abhishek Grover is not available and nobody among the Directors are available but when I sat there for many hours then Mr Abhishek Grover came out and didnt wanted to talk to my friends except me, he then took me to his cabin and demanded me more $4000/- or else he can get me deported and implicate me in any false case. | I am so helpless that its affecting my health and I got diabetes because of this stress and for the money I owe back home in India and to my friends. | My friends who are witness to this deal are ready to give written testimony in this regard and I am ready to fully cooperate with the CBSA, Police and other agencies in order to trap him for his illegal work and immigration related frauds. | I therefore request your goodselves to investigate the matter and help me in this regard so that he doesnt cheats and dupes other expatriates who wants to make Canada their home. | I again want to request the ICCRC not to alert the agent so that he becomes more cautious in his illegal activities.

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