ICEERS (Kiko Castellanos)

Involvement in Importing Banned Substances. GDPR Article 21 Violations, Police Investigations, Threats of Murder

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Published: 21 September 2020

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Kiko Castellanos, the Digital Content Officer for ICEERS, as well as legal advisor to ICEERS named Charlotte Walsh, showed no interest in correcting the statement that implied a witness to Court was discrediting a sacred cause. It is averred they wanted to portray the reality that those involved in nasty criminal behaviour were just poor victims to the war on drugs, and thus threats of violence were justified in the name of the cause.

When they were asked to confirm their position and condemn violence, no condemnation was issued.

Friends of ICEERS involved in Ayahuasca, Iboga, LSD and weed began a new round of vicious threats against Court Witnesses invoking a stern police action to stop those responsible. Usually ICEERS encourage people to break laws, implying their backs are covered, and then later they tell victim stories. It was told that a witness to police investigations should have a change of trousers ready, or expect violence, or being smeared as a sick, mentally deranged peodophile, was full of excrement, should grow up, or was a (censor) and a (censor).

It was done with the knowledge of ICEERS to try and threaten a witness to Criminal Proceedings not to testify about drug trafficking, Ayahuasca, threats to murder and other serious criminal behaviour. The Ayahuasca Defense Fund website is highly censored and edited to leave out information about embarrassing cases, to make out the cause is doing well, but the truth is it is doomed. It says they do not hear about cases, but they hear of them, and if it would discredit their cause or stance, they say nothing. They also can arrange for threats of violence against judicial witnesses and Kiko Castellanos of ICEERS was caught tracking witnesses and was found in default of GDPR Article 21.

They assisted some Iboga bosses to make people shut up about Iboga deaths and one person was jailed for manslaughter and several others killed themselves in Ayahuasca and Iboga retreats in the Netherlands causing the Supreme Court in 2019 to rule Ayahuasca is a hard drug as illegal as heroin.

n February 2018 Ayahuasca Defence Fund, steered under Charlotte Walsh and Kiko Castellanos as advisors, posted statements that implied the a judicial witness was discrediting a sacred cause. That apparently sacred cause involved law flouting, drug trafficking, witness harassment, threats of violence, abuse and a whole host of other troubles. In August 2018, just six months later poetic justice dealt Charlotte Walsh a tough lesson, her partner was arrested in the United States of America selling 6K worth of marijuana to undercover law enforcement after being tipped off by informants. The sheriffs record noted assault on law enforcement and heroin was found also.

ICEERS are a front for a very large network of substance traffickers, sticking their fingers up at the law, defying the rulings of Courts, encouraging others to defy the law and claim victim-hood and then running through Article 9 objections to persecution, for which the authorities and the Courts struck out on many counts.

Friends of ICEERS threatened to murder someone assisting the police in their inquiries and threatened a witness to the Dutch Supreme Court with violence and murder, claiming he would be murdered before the police could help. Unsurprisingly the authorities took a dim view of their work and ruled against the Ayahuasca, setting the precedent for the authorities to clamp down on unregulated cowboy Ayahuasca enterprises created by the Church, friends of ICEERS and plant medicine people in general.

Kiko Castellanos stopped laughing when the ayahuasca substance was outlawed in 11 countries and over 400 people carrying ayahuasca through airports, customs and across borders were arrested and/or investigated in 3 years.

Spanish Data Authorities got involved to enforce Article 21 against ICEERS and were reported to Barcelona Police for involvement in intimidating witnesses to the authorities investigating ayahuasca in Spain. In response to Article 21 it was claimed a data subject would be tracked 24/7, murdered, defamed as a peodophile and could expect violence. Kiko Castellanos was heavily involved.

Several people were arrested with 37 kilos of ayahuasca at Madrid Airport and ICEERS quickly learned not to upset people that know how to arrest people for trafficking ayahuasca. Kiko Castellanos was warned to expect enforcement protocol for wilful GDPR violations and a police investigation for involvement in witness tampering. Files were made on ayahuasca retreat centres in Spain and passed to the Spanish authorities.

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