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Published: 02 October 2018

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My elderly mother was contacted by Telemarketer ICM Vacations ICMV. She was looking already to offload her timeshare, so she talked to Larry Fitzpatrick about paying ICM Vacations ICMV to take over her timeshare. She had gotten another quotr of $3400, so when Larry quoted $932, my mom went for it. I should also say that he spent a hour on the phone with her about God since my mom is a strong Christian woman. From the treatment I received from their customer service, It leads me to assume he spent that time talking to her to smuse her into believing his spill, although my mom could have possibly misunderstood due to her age. She told me that night that she had paid him the $932 but hadn’t signed the contract. I do have to say, that the contract did say ICM Vacations ICMV was an advertiser to potential buyers and renters. So my ELDERLY mom believed Larry and didn’t reasd the contract. The second page of the contract stated that the contract could be cancelled within 3 days. I told my mom that the deal wasn’t what she thought and to call and cancel the contract. When she called, She got Tiffany who tried to sell her on keeping the contract. My mom told her that I would call her. When I called, Tiffany tried to give me their sales pitch. I told her I had read the contract and understood what they were and we weren’t interested and wanted to cancel the contract. She kept trying to give me the sales pitch so I read their Cancelation clause to her. She then told me I was subborn and my mom knew exactly what she was signing up for. EXTREMELY RUDE!!. She then told me that my mom had to be the one to cancel it. I had my mom call her back but she didn’t answer, a guy answered and hung up on my mom. Looking at the other review, These people are taking advantage of the elderly and taking their money and trying not to give their money back. SO BEWARE !!! BTW, I woouldn’t be writing this review if Tiffany would have just cancelled to contract. .

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