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Published: 19 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

First, I need to mention that when it comes to the laser treatments themselves, and the people I immediately talked to at Ideal Image, that these people were extremely friendly, courteous, etc. The procedures themselves are not the rip-off entirely (besides the price tag, there is literally no one else in the Houston or Texas area that charges that much for Laser hair removal). My issue came after my first treatment. I’ll put my story, and I’ll put some general information if people still want to somehow brave this company’s tactics. While Ideal Image will maintain they did nothing wrong (and legally they did not), and that it was completely my fault that this situation happened (and it is), they are still using shady, sleezy car salesmen tactics to wiggle their way into your bank accounts, and they will take advantage of the fact that most people are not paperwork savvy and contract savvy. I put a summary at the bottom for those who don’t want all the gritty details. I reported to them that I had a condition on my legs that I was not sure what it was, but that it was diagnosed as folliculitis. The medical staff at ideal image approved me for laser treatments despite this, and I bought a package. I had a terrible inflammatory reaction and had to go to the ER. I talked to a medical director at ideal image, and there’s a clause in the contract that states if the medical personnel deem you unfit to continue treatments for safety risks, then you could receive a full refund due to risk of injury. She mentioned she absolutely did not want this to happen again, and that there was a process I could go through to get a refund for my package purchase. To be very clear–the original contract clearly states that with the approval of a medical director, that a refund can absolutely be issued. I got a CC for most of the package ($6,000), and paid for one of the treatments in cash ($1,500) so that my CC monthly payment wouldn’t be so high. I was contacted by a manager over the phone, and told that my bank account should see the payment hit in 3-5 days, that my *account* has been refunded in full, but that I would need to submit a form online to get the CC refunded. It was a refund agreement for the total amount of the CC account. Since I was told over the phone that my account has already been credited for the cash, this made sense to me that there was an extra step for the CC, and the CC has “”Ideal Image”” as the name on the card itself and the contract did as well, so it seemed like it matched up to me. I filled out the form, and submitted it. I got an email back saying, again, “”That my refund has been processed in full. Please allow 3-5 business days for the credits to post.”” I emailed them about a week later because I failed to see anything hit my account. And that’s where they got me. The regional manager, her name is Renee, basically told me, “”You signed a refund agreement in the total amount of $6,000. This is what you agreed to, and we’re keeping the money. You paid for your first round of treatments, and the refund was only issued in the amount of $6,000.”” And she’s right. There is absolutely nothing I can do. I contacted the BBB, but since I submitted the refund form, there is nothing that they nor I can do now. Ideal Image has every technical right to just say, “”Yeah, doesn’t matter what anyone told you over the phone, or that it looks like it matched up, you agreed to only let us pay you back $6,000, so that’s all we’re giving you back.”” I tried to explain that I wasn’t trying to get out of paying for the treatments, but now I’m paying for a treatment that caused me a lot of pain AND emergency room bills. I literally couldn’t walk for a day. She didn’t care not one bit. I went to the actual place I bought the treatments from, and all of them just frowned at me and said corporate is who I would talk to anyways. I’m going to try to call the medical director again about the matter, since my original contract does state that refunds are allowed, but I’m pretty sure I’m stuck and while “”technically”” it is my fault, I feel the whole situation was bad business and other people deserve to know that. I was told it was being processed already by two different corporate workers, right up until I signed the contract–then they wouldn’t patch me through to anyone but this Renee lady. Even when I asked for other managers, none of those guys would ever call me back. Renee extended me the number of the “”legal representative””, Kyle, as if that guy is going to care. She’s already made mention that she’s the ONLY one that can authorize refunds, so she clearly knows she’s just sending me to him so that he can shut me down even more.

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