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Published: 08 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We got sucker into attending one of the ID Life seminars where Logan Stout the company founder got up to speak. We had heard from another friend who was aware of this guys past legal issues that he was one to be very cautios of. I little mild mannored guy, who is so slick of a salsaman his socks won’t standup. He went on about how they were different because you fill out an online survey regarding your health and they send you vitamins specific to your health conditions. Several issues were pointed out here by a Dr friend of ours. 1st… If you are unaware of a medical condition, the survey is bogus. 2nd… Their survey is only as good as the studies they research and studies are proven wrong on a daily basis, making their survey bogus. 3rd… Most Doctors in America agree if you will eat right vitamins are not needed. 4th… It is never discussed regarding the absorbsion rate of their vtamins they are selling, which is the number one issue of any vitamins. Most are urinated out! We tried their sample pack of the Energy Chews (they do not work), Sleep Strips (maybe helped get to sleep, but was wide awake once they wore off), Shakes (not as advertised), Appetite Suppressant (could not tell it worked at all). Id you get recruited to attend one of their Jim Jonew style meetings you will feel as though you are back in Jamestown itself with everyone around you drinking the KoolAid. Remember the only reason they are doing that is RESIDUAL INCOME, what you sell and what you buy they get a cut of every month. That’s how these scams work! They will through in trips on yacht, cruises, car allowances, etc. Think about it. If they are selling you high quality stuff there shouldn’t be all this extra money to go around, but there is, because they sell you crap At a huge markups! Always keep in mind with all these pyramid schemes the only people who make all the monet are the ones on top of the pyramid! They then have “investors” buy in, only to fork them back big returns as “celebrity” endorsers of the product. Also for anyone looking into ID Life, research Logan Stout and his background. You will find it highly questionable! They will combat it by saying crap like “Troy Aikman is involved, guess Logan isn’t that bad”. Troy Aikman is about money! There has been many more than one famous person join in with crooks to make money! ID Life will be like all the other Ponzi / Pyramid Schemes, they will skirt around the law for a while then they will move on. Our advice and the advice of others who have looked deep into ID Life is to RUN RUN RUN!!!

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