iePlexus, Inc.

iePlexus, Inc.

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Published: 29 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

To anyone starting an online business, beware of everyone. This company, IePlexus called me so often I finally gave into his harassement and signed on the dotted line. What a mistake it was! Cost me $3000.00 dollars, and kept after me to invest more money, over $2000.00 more, which I did not do. These companies pass your good name around to all sorts of scam artists, and pretty soon your out $10,000.00_$20,000.00 _ $30,000.00, all the money you have in the world. If you are thinking of starting any type of online business beware of anything that sounds to good to be true. Because it isn’t!!! Also beware of Volution Inc, EBiz Innovations, and Online Global Solutions. They will bleed you DRY. They will use every credit card in the book to get your money away from you. It happened to ME!!!

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