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Published: 18 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had never used Klaus Rickenbaugh or Ingnique Systems before, but a mutual friend had suggested him. I too am a business owner, so I understand that reputation is everything. But people need to know. | I have a medium size construction company and our growth has seen an exponential growth in the last 3 years. I had done some research and found technology to be an avenue that could dramatically reduce our biggest cost concerns, labor. So I set up a meeting with Klaus Rickenbaugh to discuss our options. Our initial visit had to be canceled, but we rescheduled with no problems. The second meeting, I found myself waiting for over an hour to see Mr. Rickenbaugh and then being told he would not be able to see me. | In the coming weeks Mr. Rickenbaugh called me and sincerely apologized. His explanation was that his company was young and experiencing some growing pains. With our recent growth, I could understand this and decided to give him a second chance. But this was only the beginning. | We had just recently moved into a brand new building and we asked Mr. Rickenbaugh to take look at integrating all our technology software that had been recently acquired to handle our growth and streamline our overhead. The company we were currently using was doing an adequate job, so I was hesitant about relinquishing such a large scope project to Mr. Rickenbaugh. We talked and he laid out what I felt was a good plan for us. I was not able to do my own research, but I did have pertinent questions about the process Mr. Rickenbaugh chose. He was able to answer all the questions to my satisfaction, or so I thought. | To make a long story short, it became evident that Mr. Rickenbaugh had bitten off more than he can chew. I soon found out some of the technicians he was sending to the office were second tier, rather than first tier technicians that I had been promised. Not only that, but these technicians that were brought in were outsourced. Weeks turned into months of glitches and systems crashes. Continuous phone calls to Mr. Rickenbaugh went basically ignored. When we did get in touch with him, he was very condescending to my office staff and even had several moments of unprofessionalism with me. | In the meantime, we had already paid initial payments of what I came to find out were inflated costs, incorrect billing and what amounts to all out fraud. Mr. Rickenbaugh always had an explanation for costs and even offered to do free work. By this point I contacted the previous company that we had been using in an effort to minimize the irreversible damage caused by Mr. Rickenbaugh’s incompetence. | At this point, I can deal with the fact of the lost time, money and production, as a lesson learned the hard way. But, what keeps me awake at night, is the lack of responsibility that Mr. Rickenbaugh took for his actions and attitude in the process. After speaking with Mr. Rickenbaugh’s former employer’s, it seems this may have been a reoccurring them and lead to his early release from these companies. | It is my hope that no one else be subjected to Mr. Rickenbaugh’s pompous arrogant attitude in the future!

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