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Published: 12 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The company, Green Moving, Inc. DOT: 2833437, failed in many aspects of the arranged move. As will be detailed with supporting documentation, many items were damaged or lost/stolen as part of the move. My fiance also had | to help the movers upon delivery because only one mover was sent. Items were improperly stored in Orlando, FL in a | storage facility that was not climate controlled and where apparently many people had access to. When picking up the shipment, the movers took a picture of my credit card and driver’s license with his phone. Which is not PCI compliant. I’ve had to cancel my credit card as a precaution. | I also have emails from the company stating I would be entitled to the complimentary $6 per pound valuation in the event of loss or damage. The pickup movers refused to allow me to select this option, however, when they arrived and began loading my items. | Items such as a 42″ flat screen TV was stolen and not delivered. The delivery driver claims the TV was provided. Security footage exists showing the delivery process from the apartment complex. Items like the mattress was dirty and wet. The box springs were out of the packaging they were packed with and also wet/dirty. Boxes were wet and items damaged within. Other furniture was damaged, broken, and water damaged. The security footage also confirms the fact that my fiance had to help the mover. | The delivery mover only allowed us to take a picture of the inventory list. They also left without my signing it. He allowed my only to note the TV, but nothing else. Regardless, it wasn’t signed. | He did show me the location of the storage of the items in Orlando. This is how we were able to call and confirm the state of the storage facility used. The communication with the company has been lacking and they have given false information. They provided claim and arbitration information as part of the contract. However, upon contacting the CSI Claims Service International, they explained that they are not associated with this company or DOT number. Therefore, they could not process the claim at all. | This serves as a small summary of the information and the rest is included via documentation which includes the information I have to date. That documentation will have links which contain photos, videos, and documents showing the security footage, communication with various parties, and photos of before and after damage of many items. The company continues to fail in promptly addressing this matter.

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