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Published: 04 June 2019

Posted by: Hazel

Hey there, I want to warn each and every one of you about iLoveKickboxing in South Jordan. I was a little overweight individual with around 24% body fat. I did not have much muscle mass however as I played football in college, I did not look much out of shape. My friends encouraged me to go to iLoveKickboxing to get fit again. I was really motivated to go to this place and paid them a full year advance to make sure that I stay on track. I started going regularly and without any surprise, lost around 5lbs of body weight. I wouldn’t lie to you, the workouts were more fun than the traditional stuff, however, after going to this place for a couple of weeks, I started feeling a stinging pain in my right knee. For the first few times, I thought it was nothing but delayed muscle soreness, however, the pain increased and a couple of days later I realized that I could not climb the stairs without feeling the stabbing pain in my right knee. When I asked the “expert” trainer at iLoveKickboxing, he told me to “fight through the pain”. I did not have any knowledge of physical therapy and I trusted the guy because he looked jacked (that was a really silly mistake, don’t think if the guy looks jacked then he knows shit). I kept training hard and tried my best to ignore the pain, however, after some time it got so worse that I couldn’t do anything about it. I could feel my knee stinging while walking. I could not even walk without having to clench my teeth due to the pain. I ended up tearing my patella tendon and had to get serious knee surgery. And now the doctor has told me that I cannot run because of the damage I have done to my knee and there is almost no possibility of my knee ever getting back to normal. iLoveKickboxing ruined my life! Even though I wasn’t the fittest guy in my group, I really liked running and now I cannot go for a run every in my entire life. Instead of making my life better, they made it worse. I simply can’t a thing of one logical reason why this place has such incompetent and idiotic trainers. Even though I asked the trainer many times about my knee pain, he simply gave shitty advice. I’m guaranteed that the trainers at iLoveKickboxing don’t know shit about physiotherapy or bio mechanics of the body, which is essential for any trainer. Please don’t go to iLoveKickboxing if you care about your joints and long term fitness. Instead, go to any other gym where you know the trainers will be good. Or do what I do now, watch videos on YouTube. I don’t know when they will hire some competent trainers but until they do, simply stay away from them and go to a better place for your fitness goals.

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