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Published: 24 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Brian Wilmut owner and operator of Imagine Programs in Plano , Texas . His facility is listed as an Adult & Adolescent substance abuse services program . This guy and his emoyees (clones) our clearly taking advantage of pspple & children who have the disease or as in the adolescent symptoms of the disease of alcohol and or druh abuse . 99% of his clients are either at their bottom or close to this point with their disease . This is a very serious issue in the World we live in and should not be taken lightly . His facility preys on the weak and desperate souls that walk through his faciltirs doors . Most of the clientle have been either court ordered via Collin County probation or referred by Child protective services (CPS) . This is a very point in these peoples lives and in most cases the lives of their children . Very serious , these are peoples lives we our dealing with here . This facility and it’s owner Brian Wilmut treat these people as cattle and his only interest I reaping as much cash as he can through siphoning hundreds and thousands of dollars through his clients insurance and even worse the tax payers of Collin County . This is just repulsive no other way too slice it . Brian Wilmut was once an employee of the Collin County probation system and instead of building a place of recovery for the people sent to him by Collin County probation or CPS he lathargic in his attempt . The facility has nothing to do with ” recovery ” or the repairing of peoples lives as result of the disease of drug abuse and alcoholism . The classes are nothing short of a giant complaint department . There are no lessons being taught , no therapy to be sought after , no curriculum , no mission statement nothing , absolutely nothing to aid in the recovery process . Basically as I mentioned nothing more than a place to go and complain about how horrible life has become as a result of this disease . Imagine Programs is a joke and nothing more than a way for Brian Wilmut to line his pockets with hard earned tax payer money or the states (Texas) insurance program (NorthStar) as most of his clients do not have private insurance or the incredible thousands of dollars required if your cash pay only . So , he has found a way to beat the system by getting these people instantly approved and himself paid through the states insurance . It would be one thing if he offered anything in the way of help to these people who want their lives back , who choose to walk through his facilities doors even if they were referred or court ordered to attend . It is still a choice to make it to these classes on time and to make the effort to show up Only to find nothing but recovery cliches’ and employees who follow in his example of not caring enough to help . These people all have certificates to be Drug & Alchohol counselors and at one time may have helped in the aid of this disease but have since abandoned their ethics and morals for cushy jobs and pay checks and take no responsibility for their ” non ” actions and overall laziness . I know as well as anyone that has cone in contact with this incurable disease that alcohol and drug counselors are not magicians they do not have the ability to stop this disease and strike it from the earth but should they not at least do their jobs ? Offer hope and share in the what should be a rebuilding of peoples lives ? instead they take on the example of their lazy , money swindling emloyer , Brian Mulmut and Imagine Programs . This is positively low life type of behavior and in all actuality criminal . The other facilities in Collin County are all recovery based and valiantly fight in the war of this disease that has affected nearly all of us in one way or another . Why does Brian Malmut and Imagine Programs able to have their doors remain open and for this discusting practice to go on ? This is an outrage to the highest power and this little round man needs to be stopped and in my opinion jailed for his crimes of theft , incompatence and worst of all his crime against weak and needing souls that he has in his so called “care” only his interests our being served and his appetite for the almighty dollar . I have no problem with making money but not off the suffering of others and then cover my actions up with shawl of recovery . I will also be following this up very soon with the otherside of this .The adolescents he has under his care . I will leave you with this last thought on that very subject . Would you trust your teenager in the care of this man . In respect to teaching them the treacherous pitfalls that can come with the use of drugs and alcohol . .

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