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Published: 07 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

People from all the places are welcome to place their reviews too with mine here. I started this avtivity here for all of them who never paid from this Company and the Guy named Manny Singh. | This Company hire people from different Countries like India/Phillipines/Pakistan to work for them virtually. They havin online stores on Amazon, Houzz, WayFair and selling Bathroom Products like Sinks, Faucets, Vanities, Vessels etc. | I am really feeling too bad for those who never get paid from this Company or personel incuding me. Still they have guts to do this and doing it without any fear because no action taken against their fradulent activities and Employment scams. I will make any mistake if I say sometimes Customers too who purchases their products. Manny singh is the person who is taking care of recruiting Freelancers, Compnies or Indeviduals to work for them vertually. | In the beginning they gives you big hopes and about building a career by giving carrer opportunity. After start working for him he acts like his emplyees are not Employees He treats like SLAVES. Never give replies to the employees on time when they asks for their pay specifically He wants people work for him without paying Money. In short he don’t want to pay to their vertual emloyees and wants to get the work done. He only comes in picture when if the work is not done or Fire without paying people. | He pretends to be a proffessional but the FACT is He is not a Proffessional Employer at all as He scammed and wants to earn money by getting the Virtual services from Employees without paying them. This man whom I met is the worst person ever in my career. To be very honest this person should not be exist and if he really a human then he should have to kill himself before stealing money from those who works dedicatedly for this SON OF A BIT**. He should be stopped doing this now or else he will keep stealing money from his own Virtual Empoyees. He only give fake promises and will only pay $150/week the fact is that’s not an issue people like me an the Country which we belongs still can work with this payout but after recruting people to work I don’t see any reason for not paying people. HE SHOULD BE STOPPED DOING THIS SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME TO SHUT HIM OFF doing this to all so at least we can save othe people from this MONSTER. | There are so many people out there who suffered and HARRASSED by this SO CALLED EMPLOYER, I am not making any mistake by calling him a SON OF A B****!!! | Please at last I just want to request people not to purchase anyhting these products if it’s under the banner of American Immagination, Posh House or IMG brands may be that way we can ROAST HIS A***!!!! and SHUT THIS RASCAL*** OFF……

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