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IMG robbed me of my life savings and left me penniless: don't believe these scumbags.

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Published: 01 September 2017

Posted by: Karen D. Patton

I had been looking for home based online jobs, to put my idle time into some productive use but my husband always disapproves of it. My husband was a Realtor and I a homemaker. Past twelve years we have called the beautiful and joyous city of New York, our home.

The year of 2011, was the one when everything came crumbling down. My husband’s job took a hit, Real-estate market was not as it used to be, it had lost its pace, and making hard for us to keep pace with our expenses. We had to sell off one of our property at dirt cheap price, just to get some liquid capital.

He was always on the phone, talking to someone or the other in agitated tone. This began to worry me. But he would always be against my working anywhere. The idea of me working to support us through that tough phase was a slap on his male ego. But it was unbearable to see him in this condition, striving and struggling to get us back on our feet in those harsh times.

Against his wishes, I began to search for online work from home jobs and found out that work from home jobs are available for a dime a dozen. So began dropping my Resume for all the jobs that I could find.

It was 26th October 2011; my inbox was cluttered with a plethora of unanswered emails. One among that stood out was from the company that would go on and take all my savings–IMG International LLC. Now, having suffered a loss of my entire savings to Frauds like IMG International LLC Deaus, when I look back to introspect myself, as to why I choose this fucking company over other companies, a few key points come to my mind like; it had an awesome video presentation, with all the right stats, persuasive enough to make anyone fall into their trap.

I was astonished by the prompt response through emails, giving detailed information about the enrollment procedure and whom to contact. One of the many emails mentioned about a scheduled meeting with one of their senior associate, Mark, on 28th October 2011. On the day of the meeting, I was all ears to Mark when he explained that which course would be best for me and which one would be best for my situation.

These people are smooth talkers and they know their ways to solicit information from you and persuade you using that information. He pitched me a Ballpark figure of $14,650, which included various charges and the tuition fee for the course.
On the promise of making back my money in the first three months, he handed me the fake (now I know) brochure containing a list of satisfied customers and their heartfelt testimonies and that was enough to convince a Douche Bag like me to invest my savings into this scam, without consulting my husband. He handed over to me a receipt, mentioning the name and contact of his associate in the firm, Jonathan. He departed saying that I will be contacted by Jonathan by then next day, that was 29th October.

But to no one’s surprise, I being this idiotic gullible fool, hung onto every word Mark had said, just to have a harsh awakening to reality. All day, on 29th of October I patiently waited for a call from this Jonathan person, but I did not get any calls. The next day when I try to call up this Johnathan or Mark pertaining to our conversation the previous day, the call doesn’t go through, not in the day or at night.

I repeated the task of trying to contact these two repeatedly and voraciously dropping emails to the companies’ official email address, regarding my payment and still did not get a single reply. This was it, the end of my day dreaming and waking up to the realization that I was scammed and my money was robber.

I’m penning down my misery, just for the sake of helping others innocent people who get fooled in their desperate times, and walk into the trap of these fraud companies.
These companies employ professionals to make their presentations and bill receipts, brochure as genuine as any real company, and sometimes better. Please do not get caught up in the glossy looks of their pamphlets and receipts. If in any doubt regarding the company that you are entering into business with, be blunt and ask them to show their offices. If these so called representatives / sr. associates of the company hesitate and make excuses of any kind, just walk away without saying a word.
Please be careful and don’t fall prey to these fraud companies and lose your hard earned money.

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