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Published: 02 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Immersive Media owes my company $89,000 plus options. We had an air-tight legal binding agreement and refuse to pay or honor any part of their contract. We even have Myles McGovern, CEOs signature on all our contracts and agreements. They strung us along and never paid the remainder of what they owed us. We even offered to settle and let them out of contract – they kept saying, “No, they don’t want out” as they needed our services and contacts. My company bent over backwards to be fair and then screwed us over in the end! This is the third time Immersive Media has reached out to us to settle with them directly after making false promises and running our law firm around. They made promises to settle this matter and then dodged calls and emails. Myles and his company is as unethical as they come. In order to clear their name, they make numerous misrepresentations and waste people’s time with no intention of paying what they owe. They ask for a legal release and offer to settle but then they won’t sign and play more games to try to get what they want without any intent of doing what is right. A LEGAL RELEASE drafted by attornies is a legal binding contract, but it’s something Myles McGovern and his company doesn’t honor or has ever honored. They have agreed to a settlement on multiple occassions but each time, instead of following through with any honor or decency, they use this bribe tactic to “offer” to settle in exchange for something they want, then when numerous hours of legal fees are spent, they dissappear again. They recently reached out again and offered to settle, just to change all the terms and conditions around at last minute to thier favor to screw us again. Then had th enerve to ask us to help them with a credit issue which we woudl normally charge 15-20K to fix with PR. Thier Attorney even promised to wire moneis to our attorneys legal trust acount ( held by a reputable law firm) and never followed through on thier end once again. Myles and his team is extremely good at deceiving people, lying nad not paying thier bills. They show zero ethics and business credibility in thier dealings. They continue to misrepresent and decieve partners, vendors and clients. The CEO has no honor or business ethics. His executive team doesn’t seem to know from right or wrong either and they just do his dirty work for him now. Our attorney even told them and thier attorney that by law, any foreign corporation conducting business is required to register an agent for service of process in order to obtain its certification of qualification (see Corporation Code Section 2105) They refused to send this, or just dont haev one as they know they are nto suppose to legally do business in the states or just hiding from all the peopel they rip off. I would highly suggest that any US based entertainment or technology companies stay away from them. They show too many red flags and have unethical business practices. They are a bunch of scam artists who do NOT pay and DO NOT honor legal binding contracts, and they keep running back to Canada to dodge the law in the U.S.

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