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Published: 27 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Company not worth working for! This company claims that it’s all about motivation, making leaders and business owners and their motto is JUICE (join us in creating excitement) ! YEAH RIGHT! This company is a pyramid scheme! You got a so called vice president that comes in and tells you how awesome his life is, and at the same time he talks down on other business if they pay their employee an hourly wage yet he pays his employees nothing! If you want to be a door to door salesman, selling poor quality cosmetics, in extreme weather conditions with long hours, six days a week and no reimbursement fees for food or gas and risk the chance of getting arrested in areas or business that simply don’t allow solicitors then be my guest. Don’t get suckered in with their Career Builder or Craigslist ADS that mention entry-level management training with pay. I worked there for a month and never got paid for training, it was straight commission from selling make-up kits that sold for $11 each, and the take home pay on that was $2.10 for each kit. I had my good and bad days and the days that I didn’t sell anything I was looked at like I was a dirt bag slacker. The manager and his so called proteges were quick to snap judge and would not hesitate to tell me that I simply wasn’t working hard enough and that I lacked consistency. I may have never been a door to door salesman before this but I know what’s it’s like to work hard and be consistent, but when you are selling a product that people simply don’t want, or don’t want to listen to what you got to offer then what can you do? I witnessed first hand what other employees did to avoid repercussions by the management they would purchase kits with their own money to make it look like they actually sold something for that day. When I was offered another job, I told the manager that I would no longer be working there, and he tried to give the guilt trip by telling me that I would make a great manager in his company someday, and the company was all about people owning their own business and why would I want to go off and be some body’s employee for a measly hourly fee. I told him that working for an hourly fee is nothing to be embarrassed about, at least if I went to work and put in a full days work I was guaranteed a paycheck. Job seekers beware! .

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