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Published: 16 October 2019

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They contacted me via phone stating they were associated with another company I had signed up with to learn how to buy and sell on eBay. They stated for $4600 they would build my website for me. My goal was to earn an extra $1000-$3000 per month. Impact Rankings told me that it was a very reasonable goal and they could build a website that would accomplish my goal. After e-signing the contract we went over the pros and cons about whether a drop-ship site or an affiliate site would best suit me and yes the contract is vague and states “website”. The affiliate site was more what I was looking for. Yes, they did tell me about the disclaimer about there being a possibility of being denied by Amazon but, in the next sentence they stated that it had never happened after building over 100 sites. That is a 100% success rate. So logically, with the later sentence and their supposed success rate canceled out the disclaimer. Before we applied for the Amazon Associate approval, June 18, 2014 they convinced me to purchase a beta program which would simplify my website marketing with the social media sites. It allows you to make custom ads and the “Pro” is a Facebook Pro site. They told me that I would be the only camping site allowed on this program. It was set up for me to advertise the camping equipment I was selling on my website. I e-signed a contract and purchased the Cool Social Pro June 23 for $2400 exclusively for the Amazon Affiliate site they were building for me. No marketable website, whether is be an affiliate or drop-ship site then this program is worthless. After the site was denied by Amazon for a second time. They forced me into agreeing to let them build a drop-ship site. They backed me into a corner and gave me no other option. After reviewing all the emailed information below, speaking with an Amazon representative and consulting with business friends who have built their own affiliate sites. We all came to the same conclusions. That Impact Rankings is just a scam and had no clue on how to build a marketable Amazon Affiliate site that would generate any income. If Impact Rankings had never been denied before as stated and I was told that they had been in contact with Amazon to make sure that the website met all the requirements and that they had built over 100 sites, then why was the tech not familiar with Amazon Associates? That was his statement when trying to tell me how to change the featured products on my site. And why was I told after I forwarded the email below that I received from Amazon that they had heard this type of language before and that Amazon was just trying to sell me one of their websites if they had not been denied before? This is a little suspect don’t you think? They were given three times to figure out why it was being denied. Amazon stated: “There are two primary reasons why this Ms. Pucket’s site is not approved for participation in our affiliate marketing program: – This type of site tends to be identical to other sites that are often created for sale to individuals. These sites do not generate meaningful traffic that will lead to orders placed on We don’t recommend that people open new websites just for the purpose of becoming Amazon Associates; in most cases we don’t feel that it would justify the effort or expense required. – This type of site duplicates content that is already on Duplicate content doesn’t add value to the customer’s experience. A website that adds value provides something useful to your readers in addition to the advertising content. Robust content is needed to generate earnings in an affiliate marketing program. Developing value added content is challenging, and requires a significant investment of personal time and effort over an extended period of time. “ After I spoke with Amazon regarding the rejection and was told that they were not trying to sell me a site as I was told they were and that it was denied due to content and that “the site would not generate meaningful traffic that will lead to orders placed” and would never be approved. They also stated that each application is treated as a new application, they do not keep track of how many times a URL application is submitted. I requested a full refund due to the fact that Amazon said it would not generate traffic that would result in sales. No traffic, no sales, no income. Therefore the $1000 to $3000 per month goal would never be acheived. They are refusing to give me a refund.

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