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Published: 28 June 2018

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Are you seeking to be happier, more loving, more at peace with yourself and others, more optimistic, more confident? If your answer is yes, we invite you to take part in the Impact Training Seminars. Impact is about change. It’s for people who want more out of life and are willing to change in order to experience more peace, love and joy. During the course of your Impact Trainings you will have the opportunity to take a deep look at all the aspects of your life. You will take an honest look at your results and how you are creating them. In doing so, you will start to discover what is working and not working on a deeper level than ever before. Areas of your life that are creating results that are less than that what you are wanting will become clear. As you move through the training, you will discover that you naturally start to let go of the behaviors and thinking that are undermining your happiness and success in life. Many graduates report that after completing the Impact Trainings, they simply see the world and themselves differently. They just seem to be happier no matter what is happening. They feel valued and loved. They experience peace and forgiveness in their lives. Everyone is experiencing different levels of happiness in their life. And depending on what is occurring on a moment to moment level, many experience temporary increases in their love, joy and peace. Most can remember what it felt like as a child at Christmas. All the anticipation and excitement that builds. The joy of opening a gift and discovering something wonderful to play with. But then, given a little time, the wonder wears off. The toy sits on the shelf and our level of happiness returns back to the level it was before, and the child’s attention goes to the next toy that will for sure make them happy, at least for a little while. This is normal human behavior for most people. Many adults get to the point where things “just don’t feel good.” Some will attempt to fix this by changing jobs, getting divorced or buying bigger toys. But just like the child at Christmas, given a little time, things return to their “normal” levels. Some people even go out of their way to seek these temporary spikes in emotion. Just about everyone knows someone who is an “adrenalin junkie,” always looking for the next extreme sport or activity so they can “Feel Alive.” But then given time these spikes return back to their own unique normal levels and the individual is left anticipating the next spike in emotion. Again, this is normal.” “But what if you could raise your unique “normal” level so that even when nothing is going on, you feel happy, loving and peaceful? This is one of the benefits of Impact Training. Impact Training empowers you to take significant leaps towards personal happiness. Impact is an amazing training in that no matter where you are starting at, you can move forward from there. So if you are already happy or if you are at rock bottom, you can move forward. Graduates often report that they can’t seem to wipe the smile off their face. With this new level of happiness and self love, many grads report that they have new energy and commitment to take on the challenges of life. When you decide to take charge of your life, you choose for yourself the path you want to travel and incredible things will happen. In the Impact Trainings, you will learn that you have the power and the clarity within you. Come discover what life can be like when you let go of the things in life weighing you down. .

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