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Published: 08 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I too went to Impact. I had a different experience. It was the best thing I ever did. The chair beating was not to pretend your beating up a family member at all. It was to simply let it all out so that when you went on to the next phase of forgiving them you could leave all of it behind. Everything that they do has a meaning and requires one to be able to look outside the box a little. The going to your own funural was brilliant!! And it worked for everyone I know that went through. It was to see that if you are taking life for granted than your not living. To awaken you to breath in the morning sunshine or soak up every moment possible with your kids.. To LIVE!!! To be able to see things from different perspectives is a wonderful gift that I gained from my Impact experience and your perspective is yours, But to say that you want to save others from going is just absurd. I know many who have completely transformed their lives after going. I know at times some people get into the victim mode about the negatives as they are learning to see things differently because they are scared. I believe that is you right now. What I can agree with you on is the money thing and that there are a few flaws in the company. But it’s not all bad. It has changed the lives for many and transformed their future and what they have been able to accomplish in life. Not just financially but with real authentic love and apreciating the finer things in life. If you havn’t gotten to that point yet than I can see why your frustrated and I wish the best to you in finding what ever it is your looking for. I wouldn’t trade my experience for the World!! And I hope that every person in this world gets the chance to experience a self awareness training at some point or another and that they let go and learn to enjoy life. 🙂

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