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Published: 17 October 2018

Posted by: Bridae tiplady

?this morning I went to my local service station before work. I had paid for petrol and brought a 20 pack of what I believed to be JPS blues. When I got to work I had trouble open my pack and needed a Stanley knife to open it and when I did to my surprise it was a packet full of tissue. I rang the service station straight away and advised them I would be in straight after work to swap the pack of tissues for a pack of cigarettes I had paid for. When I got in there the staff had to tell me that they were not allowed to give me my packet I had paid for because they are not responsible for the faulty tobacco product, what I was telling them was highly unlikely to be happen and they won’t be given back their money. I reminded them that there was no tobacco in the packet, I wasn’t a liar and the cost should fall on the business not the customer. They gave me your number and the customer service number for their company. Naturally I was not leaving the station without a pack of cigarettes as it was the day before pay day and I had no money to buy another pack so I rang their customer service team because i was not going to be put out because of their policies and the obvious gross neglect to the quality control of the packaging of this product. After the drawn out conversation between myself, team leader and customer service team. The customer service team had made up there mind and said I could get the pack that I had paid for. Low and behold the service station had run out of JPS blue 20’s and gold 20’s, I ended up leaving with a completely different brand in gold so not what I had originally paid for. At this point I was just happy to have cigarettes because I had been waiting all day. More to the point of my comlaint with you is because I strongly believe that quality control procedures and machinery need to possibly revised or replaced as it has failed badly in this case. For a sealed cigarette packet full of tissues with the lid glued shut and the plastic seal on the outside in contact there has to be some issues that need to be rectified. I have all photos and reference numbers and proof of purchase if needed but the issue needs to be rectified. ?

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