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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My Ex wife and I enrolled in the “Love and Logic” (In-Depth Therapy & Associates) a little while back and I must say, I was VERY disappointed. After attending several of the “Parenting Classes”, we decided that the entire thing was nothing more than a money making scam. They constantly push books and videos while their “advice” is pretty unrealistic. After we decided that we would no longer take part in what was a pretty obvious scam. I did a little research on the so called “administrators” and this is what I found. This for profit business is owned by Barbara A Humble and her “lover” Ingrid Bakkhe. Ms. Bakkhe is a failed local attorney who was appointed as a Judge in Boulder, Co. Ms. Bakke orders parents to take this, “parenting class” from her lover who then reeps the financial rewards. This is HIGHLY ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL. Here is the kicker!! These two lesbians not only use the legal system as a way to obtain clients…but they have a little boy that they are NOT allowed to see… about IRONY! How can someone teach parenting, who can’t even take care of their own son? Communications Decency Act: 47 U.S.C. § 230 .

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