Incture Technologies

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Incture Technologies are Frauds and Scammers! Beware of them!

I’ve heard and seen of scammers taking up advance and not getting your work done but this is the first time it happened with me. I am Albert and I have a small company of my own in Albany. I needed a website developed and Incture Technologies from Bangalore, India was supposed to get this work done. This was a month ago. They said they need advance since they can’t start work without it. Before paying that, we discussed in length all the requirements, timelines and details of the work. I thought if they are spending so much time on this project, they will get it done.
Guess what? It was a scam. The total amount for the project came out to be $2000. With a lot of hesitation, I paid them 50% advance (as they asked). After that, it was as I feared. Those assholes were out of contact. They never picked up my calls. They never replied to my emails. I feel so cheated. Didn’t know it was all a scam. They were professional scammers it seems because I couldn’t at all tell. My important time and money are gone and I can’t do anything about it.
Beware of these frauds. They will let you think that they are good and can’t ever cheat anybody but I am sure there are many people out there who have been scammed by these jerks. Be very careful when you outsource work. There are many frauds like Incure Technologies out there.

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