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Published: 30 March 2019

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I purchased a home using Independence Realty, The V Dovick Group and the agent Dave V Dovick. The home Mr. V Dovick showed me needed a new roof. It was a foreclosure. Mr. V Dovick sells almost exclusively REO foreclosures. Which I was not aware of but means that they are As-Is and not inspected. Mr. V Dovick failed to provide me with ANY DOCUMENTATION PRIOR TO OR AFTER THE SALE. Nothing! At closing he promised to mail them. They never arrived and now 3 years later he states they are lost! Realtors normally keep records for at least 7 years! V Dovick refered me to a roofing contractor that he stated does all of his work on his large condominium projects and even did his mother’s home. He did excellent work and had been in business over 20 years was licenced, bonded and insured. I called Jason Van Dyke his roofing contractor. The contractor did the work without provsiding a contract and installed the wrong, cheaper shingle from the wrong manufacturer and of a discontinued die lot! During installation the siding and gutters were damaged and the roof leaked from day one! I refused to pay the bill and after 2 months V Dovick came to my house and wanted to know why I had not paid the contractor. I showed and told him and he assured me that all the contractor wanted to do was to get paid and if I did he would make the repairs. I was ill and on medicine at the time and informed V Dovick of this so he directed the contractor to my 80 year old mother who paid him and again the contractor promised to make the repairs. Of course the repairs were never made and 2 years down the road the roof leaked enough to cause over $35,000 in damages. I have had to pay for a new roof and mold remediation. This whole situation concerns me not just for me but for the fact that the realtor sells most of his homes to investors who remodel the homes and sell them. It would appear that this crappy contractor likely believed that I was an investor and that as such I was reselling the home and he would not have to warranty any shoddy work. There are likely hundreds of people out there who think that they have purchased a home with a new roof and have had water and black mold issues as I have. I have started litigation against the realtor and his attorney Michael Risko. I have requested a list of all the homes that the realtor has sold along with the sales records of the contractor so that I may match the two and see where the work has been done and who else has been cheated. His attorney has refused to provide the information. The realtor also stated that he uses this contractor exclusively for his roofs and has hired him for a $250,000 condominium project and paid him $50,000 more???? Why would he do this when this contractor does not have a bond or mold remediation insurance and had only been in business for about 1 year??? I don’t believe that the people who own the conduminiums that he manages would be very happy about this!!!

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