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Published: 18 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I usually donate to projects on the Indiegogo, but when I came across this project, I could tell that it was a total rip off! These people are asking for $500,000 for a reality TV show that’s supposedly picked up by the tv netoworks and yet they’re asking for donations to make it. I did some research on the Peden’s and what I discovered, isn’t good. First, they claim to have helped producer “American Idol”. I found on their Youtube channel an edited promo for it. These “producers” aren’t anywhere in it. There’s no interviews with them, no footage with them and Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, or anyone else. If they really had a major involvement with “American Idol”, why couldn’t they provide any proof other than an editied reel that anyone who has a Youtube account, can do? I found a blog that they did and they mentioned that they have no phone number, no email address, and no IMDB profiles because they’re not into the modern internet and technology. They can have a Youtube channel and no IMDB? Even Steven Speilberg and other major directors and producers have IMDB that are run by their agents, even all of the crew of “American Idol” has IMDB’s and yet these 2 don’t? I don’t see why this project should be asking for $500,000. Dana is a no name talent and she claims to be a international model/actress, yet she has no demo reel or nothing. Even small time actors who have no agents have demo reels from just the student films that they have done. To keep this short, these people aren’t legit. They’re project is a joke. If they didn’t make big claims of having produce “American Idol” and winning big awards and Dana being a successful actress, I could see this project getting some backing, but not even for $500,000 for unknown people who can’t provide any backing of their so-called credits and stuff. This is a scam and I have seen other reports on them and I have to believe them as well. .

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