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Indigo Egg

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Published: 13 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Read all the bad reports, but figured it won’t happen to me! I ordered three dozen hatching eggs for $100 thinking how nice she was to give me such a great deal. We spoke for a long time and she seemed wonderful. Told me about her illness and I felt so bad for her. Paid immediately and used a “friend transfer” at her request (saves her $) she didn’t tell me that it also leaves me with NO protection through PayPal. I asked her to wrap them a certain way, but she insisted she had been doing it for years and knew better. I figured she did and let my request go. I SHOULDNT HAVE. This is not my first or even third time hatching eggs and shipped are ALWAYS a gamble. I received the eggs and they were packaged with Bounty paper towel WRAPPERS! The plastic-the kind paper towels are wrapped in! Not a good choice for packaging material. Several were broken right out of the box. Several more had badly damaged air cells. Fast forward to candeling…out of 36 ordered eggs I have 13 that are viable. Most were clear and upon breaking them for inspection they WERE NOT EVEN FERTILE. I CONTACTED HER AND OFFERED TO PAY SHIPPING AGAIN! She will NOT answer the phone and will only text. She recommended that I buy chicks and refused to send more eggs…Said she can not afford it due to her medical bills. Bobbi said she has a lot of overhead and the chicks she would send have 5 toes not 4 or 6. Still refusing to answer phone calls! Three weeks later (and MANY FRUSTRATING TEXTS) she charged me DOUBLE ($30) to ship more eggs (she only shipped 18) and I specifically asked her to wrap the individually with lots of packing material. She agreed to do it my way, then when I got the eggs the second time she had lied and again! She shipped the same way AGAIN, and I had more broken eggs due to improper packaging. Only 6 of those ever developed. TRUST ME PEOPLE: Bobbi Porto IS IN THE BUSINESS FOR MONEY AND NOTHING ELSE. I’ve spoken to a breeder in NY and her friend was complaining about her too, she thought he was exaggerating until I confirmed how I was treated. There are good people selling silkies and hatching eggs. STEER CLEAR OF THIS “BREEDER” You have been warned!!

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