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I would never suggest a place like this to my friends because of the poor management overall.

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Recently, I joined Indy Boxing club to get myself trained by some professionals out here for an upcoming event in my area. My friends suggest me to stay away from this club earlier, but I had had the least interest in it thereby now when the time has come to prove myself in the arena, I decided to get myself trained. The biggest mistake I did ever in my life was taking admission in the Indy Boxing Club which has been one of the worst decisions of my life. As soon as I got familiar with my trainers, they always tried to suppress me. They always tried to prove their dominance upon this place and showing everyone how unfriendly they are with their employees. I wouldn’t call them professional trainers those fuckers were just cheap minded humans. All they did was say “fuck you” whenever we made a mistake. They never tried to help us understand the tactics and moves properly.
The trainers had a very rude nature, not only my trainer but also the others. All they did was mock around the center about being over achieved, but they didn’t look like an achiever either, they had a very bad taste in humor and they never smiled. The gym was stinking all the time because the staff members never bothered to clean the floor or spray some deodorant, the smell of that surrounding can make a person fall sick. The center was located in the basement with no windows for ventilation. They made us wash our own gloves, and bags before leaving, due to this, the place was stunk even more. The toilets were out of service and the shower passage could be seen because no curtains were used for partition. Therefore, no one could have a bath after their practice. The equipment was outdated and quite old. One has to wait for their turn to use every machine because the center only had one machine of each type. It made the gym sessions painfully long and irritating.
The owner is very difficult to talk to, he himself has a very offending nature and everybody feared passing out complaint against his faculty. He was always in anger and once even thrashed a youth during his practice when he made several mistakes one after the other. This behavior couldn’t be tolerated by anyone, but we members were kept under their dominance. The faculty did not provide a proper kit as they promised at the time of admission neither did they provide new machines because the old ones were rusty as hell. The whole center was very unclean and filled with mosquitoes. The AC was not working for three months and the head of the center overlooked all of such. Customer positive feedback is the only thing which matters the most to keep the business running but here all a person can give is the negative feedback because of the terrible management of this place.

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