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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Inferno Hot Pilates is one of those clubs that don’t care about your fitness at all, all they care about is money. If you want to waste your money or put your health at risk, then be my guest. Otherwise, avoid these guys at all costs. Their popular services are fitness training and hot pilates. Hot pilates means the treatment for the back. In this procedure, far Infrared rays panels are used to emit these rays which warm the skin and speeds up the process of producing sweats. It is a combination of yoga and pilates. I was also having severe pain issues in my back from last year. The back pain felt like as if someone pulling the spinal cord out from my body. My cousin suggested going to the Inferno Hot Pilates. He told me that they had these hot pilates which will help relieve your back pain, so I decided to give it a tour. I went there for a monthly membership, but they were very convenient and talked me into buying the yearly membership. They had great convincing power and all for money, they were of no good. They didn’t brief me about the services I could avail and were just forcing me to buy the membership. I ended up paying a thousand bucks just for the hot pilates, thinking I could do some workout as well, but I was wrong. They only care about attracting lavish and rich people that can fill their accounts with dollars.
The next day, I started the Hot Pilate session. They gave me the treatment which was two hours long. One week later, I thought my back pain would be relieved, but I was wrong once again. I thought that it would take more time than just one week. So I waited for a one-month long for its completion. After one month, I went to the head of the club, he told me to be patient and wait. I waited for another month, but I could not wait any longer. I was really fed up. Then I remember that I could not quit either because I already had paid for the whole year. I was such an idiot. I could not last more than two months in their club but I had paid for the whole year, what the hell was I thinking man!!! I thought it was refundable, but I did not know about their non-refundable yearly policy at that time. It took me time to understand their tricks.
I was an idiot but don’t make yourself one by trusting these workout and pilates thugs. They do not care about your health; they only care about their membership fees. Once they take it, you are on your own. So, If you want to stay healthy forever, you will have to make sure a long distance from the Inferno Hot Pilates. Please for the sake of your money, time and health, stay away from the Inferno Hot Pilates.

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