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Published: 03 October 2018

Posted by: Rusty Parker

I am a disabled teacher with a graduate degree, and my wife is a disabled BSN certified RN. I have had 6 spinal fusions in my past, and my wife has Multiple Sclerosis. Last night, 12/13/2019, my wife and I visited the ER for symptoms of meningitis. We had just been to West Florida hospital, which we left after hours of neglect. My wife”s hep-lock was still attached. We came to Thomas Hospital ER to get treatment for the meningitis diagnosed at West Florida. We signed into the ER and were allowed back. We each were assigned rooms and treated as contagious. So far so good. My wife explained the situation to her nurse. The nurse asked for a med list, then cut her off at the point where the nurse came to her own conclusions. The nurse violated HIPAA when she announced my wife”s explanation, and her conclusion, to the ER staff. The staff began discussing my wife”s medical condition. My wife and I heard the illegal conversations from our rooms, which were 30″ apart and on opposite sides of the nursing station. No effort was made to contact West Florida to attain any records. The doctor visited my wife, disregarding her examination results from WF. My wife was accused of being drunk, my wife was accused of being an IV drug user. The doctor was condescending at best, abusive at worse. As my wife spoke of her neck pain, the doctor forced her head up and down briskly, causing more neck pain. The doctor then became very confrontational. She told my wife, “There”s nothing wrong with you. You don”t have meningitis. You have the flu.” If they had listened to my wife, or requested records from WF, they”d know the flu was ruled out. My wife became rightly outraged, and came toward me to tell me that we were leaving. She was blocked by the staff, and resorted to raising her voice, saying “Let”s get the [censored] out of here!” The staff threatened my wife with law enforcement intervention, because she said a bad word? Law enforcement began following her. I was 30″ away, and I do not allow anyone confronting my wife without me present. I yelled across the ER for the LEO to come to me. They left her alone and came to me as I was dressing to leave. A “supposed” civilian dressed LEO came from down the hall and began telling me he would “kick my ass if I didn”t leave”, as I continued dressing. He stayed with me, trying to start a fight by cussing me, as I finally dressed and left. I spoke with a uniformed LEO and explained to him why I called for him, to allow my wife to leave without intimidation. He was cordial. No, I wouldn”t recommend Thomas Hospital ER. They were unprofessional, accusatory, gossipers and abusers. They acted illegally by violating the HIPAA act. I shouldn”t be surprised about Thomas Hospital. I know that they have a judgement against them for a recent wrongful death case. I know that they have dozens of complaints, not only here on Facebook, but on national healthcare sites. I know they have a reputation for threatening patients and calling law enforcement when they are confronted. I know they have accusations of abuse of all types. I know they treat their patients as criminals. My first question is, why would a hospital take an accusatory stance with their patients? Why would the staff have a default opinion of believing their patients are “drug seekers”, and liars? We never asked for pain medication. We never asked for anything except treatment for our symptoms. Why wouldn”t they be concerned with the patient”s wellbeing? Why wouldn”t they want to practice medicine to the best of their ability? Why wouldn”t they want to “Do no harm”? Should I sue?

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