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Published: 20 February 2019

Posted by: David Dempsey

Buyer be aware I bought brake and fuel lines from inline tubes!!! I bought two full sets of brake and fuel lines from inline tube for 2 cars of the same year make and model that Im restoring. I was buying my parts ahead of time as I had the money. When I received the lines I inspect them to make sure I had all my lines. It appeared I had all my lines and they looked right for the car. Granite I didn’t start to put the lines on my project till 10 months after I bought the lines remember I bought 2 sets of lines and both sets were the same as they should be. Both cars are original and all lines were as they came from the factory. I got my lines all laid out and putting them on my car. All the fuel lines went on ok then I was working on brake lines all brake lines were Ok except for one that was too shot that ran from the master cylinder to the left front wheel. I think even if I made the line straight it would had still been to short. I was thinking not to big of a deal I would call and send the line back to them plus the line for the other car as it was just as short so they could see what I was talking about. So what I sent inline tube was my original brake line so they could make 2 lines off of it and the 2 wrong lines they sent me. What inline tube told me I would need to buy the 2 lines that I needed as they could not help my out as to much time as pass (10 Months) since I bought the 2 original set from them. They had me in a hard spot and I needed the lines that should have been right at first. Was not to happy about the deal but I bought the 2 lines. When they sent me my lines back I didn’t get back the two original lines that I paid for the first time the only thing they sent me back was the 2 lines they made for me and the original line I took off the car so they could make lines off of it, Inline tube kept my wrong lines that I PAID for. I have no need for them as I was going to trash them but its the idea they kept them. I call inline tube about this and they told me there not going to send them back the wrong lines. They belong to me as they did not make it right as I had to buy the right line I should had gotten in the first place. I thought about making a police report against inline tubes. Inline tube called me back about 15 minutes later and said they would give me a 30% credit I told them I paid 100%. I been more than willing to paid the shipping cost over all of this. Im just letting everyone know how inline stiffed me. I guess I should had installed the lines on my car the day I received them then they MIGHT had made it right with me. Im just saying Buyer be aware 1

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