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Published: 18 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I did register with a website name Diy Trade, their job is to direct you to a registered Chinese manufcturer to trade with each other, wether to buy or sell goods to each other or to any other registered Chinese business. I did receive an email from a person call him/herself Ivy, advertising a whole sale of any electronic original items (allegedly) their company, name is Apple which belong to Hongkong Insjst Electronic Technology Co, Ltd ( Upon receiving their email, i did visit their website and truly the laptops prices were very tempting. I emailed Ivy back, asking about their products. After few emails, i decided to buy two laptops just to try them and to see their quality of operating. I asked Ivy to provide me with a phone number, he/she did send me their phone number, but surprisingly it doesnt work. Ivy’s english language is not very good and he/she do not answer the question in a clear way, I thought the language barrier was the problem. I asked what is the fastest way to receive the goods, i.e in 3-5 days maximum, he/she answered that the best way is to pay by Western Union and deliver the items the next day to DHL. I thought it was no problem with that solution, because i am dealing with another decent Chinese company with the same method and no problems at all. Any way, the two laptops did cost $282, including the delivery, so it is not big ammount of money, but it is still money and i do work hard to get every penny to feed my family. It took me around five minutes to send the money online. Immediately i did send ivy all the information in order to receive the money. To that effect, Western union did send me a notification in five ten minutes that Ivy under the name of Shengju Chen, collected the money. I emailed Ivy back and asked when i will receive the track number of DHL, but Ivy said that they are waiting to receive the money, I explained that Western union did confirm that Shengju Che collected the money, but i did not receive an confirmation email back from Ivy. After that email, Ivy never replied to my emails and i checkd their website (i should have done that before doing business with them) with Scamwatch, to which a big no no to their services, big warning against them that they are a scam. More ineterstingly, I did creat a fake email address and i emailed Ivy, that i am interesting to buy items from their company and i want to buy a big order at once. Ivy said that they accept Western union only, I replied and said i do only send money through banks, so Ivy tried to convince me to send through western union and it is safe to do so because the amount was $4100. at the end after numerous emails, Ivy been convinced to receive the money to their bank account. Ivy emailed me back with his/her bank details. Ivy’s bank details as follow (i like to share the goods with everyone): .

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