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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had this insulation seal for like two months which is the most lasting time of this company’s products. They look cheap but in reality, they cost you a good fortune which includes time and money. Why I needed it was because my grandmother is elderly and she needed a good warm environment. There isn’t enough insulation at my house due to the poor building material used, therefore the temperature is pretty low. The heater and the furnace weren’t heating the house pretty up to the mark, the need for getting an insulator was becoming a must thing. I saw this advertisement for an Insulation Contractor. The advertisement looked inspiring at that time. My first experience didn’t last long after what their insulation did to my house. But first, let me tell you how I placed an order for this insulation. I called at their given contact number to place an order for the insulation but no answer. I redialed the number but it was busy. I repeated it almost 40 times that day but then finally gave up thinking it might be a fake number.
The next day, I tried it one last time and that time a guy picked up the call. I asked him if this number was even original? To which he replied, “the number got busy because the customer care staff has too many customers to handle hence the number got stuck sometimes”. Little did I know that they are full proofed liars, even their weird explanation didn’t give the slightest hint. I ordered the insulation for my attic to keep my house warm on cold nights. He gave me a waiting time of two working days and assured that your insulation will be placed within three to five working days. Further, he added that I have to pay for the insulation first or it won\’t be installed. Being unaware of their lies I paid with my card online. I had my doubts, but I still paid. I consider myself an idiot because I didn’t do any research or read any reviews about this company. Well, you know these people are pros and, they know their work quite well.
After three days I tried to call them, but they didn’t answer my calls. I tried emailing as well, but the response was not different at all. After a week, I got some reply that my insulation was on its way. After two days from that answer, they finally came and insulated the attic. They assured me, they would give me a full refund if anything goes sideways. The first night of the insulation was like the same other cold nights. Nothing was different at all except the low temperature. I gave the insulation a week to fulfil its purpose but it didn’t work, eventually, I gave up and called them up for a full refund. They answered my call but on demanding for a refund they cancelled the call. Since then their number is busy. So, one thing I learned from this incident is that not every company delivers what they promise. They ate my money and my precious time. So, if you want the insulation for your house, don’t even try to buy it from this Insulation Contractor Energy Seal Inc. Stay away from these thugs!!

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