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Published: 05 February 2020

Posted by: rippedoffbyshadybusiness

Here is the direct email correspondence with Kathy Blajerski-Barber: “Hello, Recently, I ordered a roll of 4×50 Prodex Insulation, order # V29431 and took advantage of your Buy One Get One free sale. Sadly, once again, I am enormously disappointed with your company and it’s shady policies, but I am giving you the opportunity to make this right for your long time customer. I have been a customer of yours since 2008, and orders on your website show orders dating back to Aug 2009, when you re-built your site. Let me get to the point: On the order #V29431, placed on 5/15/2015 and delivered via FedEx today on 5/19/2015. Not only did you charge me 2 shipping fees of $18.00 per roll (and delivered the rolls in one package) for a total of $36.00, you also charged me 2 residential delivery charges of $4.50 per roll, for a total of $9.00, when there is only 1 package delivered. You also raised the price up from the last order I placed from $109.95 per roll (plus shipping and delivery fees) to $139.95 per roll in your Buy One Get One Free scam. Effectively, what I paid only 1 month ago for the same roll of insulation (a final total of $131.45, and those shipping rates were $17, not $18) has now become a total of $184.95 during your Buy One Get One Free Scam, effectively making this Buy One Get One Free special you are running, a Buy One Roll, Get Another Roll for 1/2 off. And my last order, placed on 4/10/15, was lost in shipment, and almost 2 weeks later, your company FINALLY decided to ship me another roll, costing my customers time, and costing me money from new orders. Before that, just 10 days prior, I ordered the same 4×50 roll, and guess what? Yes, my charges were again different. You charged me $99.95 per roll, and I could go on, and on, about how your price changes on the website every week, and your shipping charges are never the same either. But you know what, I have kept my mouth shut, and purchased your products for the past 7 years, hoping that something would change, and that your shady policies would stop. Boy, I was wrong. It has only gotten worse. With all of that being said, I expect a refund of the difference you charged me for the dual shipping fees, as well as the dual residential delivery fees, for a total of $22.50. I should also ask for a refund of the price increase you instituted just for this sale, but I’m going to be the nice guy here, and only ask for $22.50. I expect a response to this email, and a refund of $22.50 immediately. Thank you for your time!” I received a response from Kathy indicating that I had accepted the terms of the sale, and no refund would be issued. When I responded indicating that the Terms and Conditions did not state that I would be charged for 2 delivery charges, and only have 1 package delivered, her response was the following: “You agreed to the price. How we package is not of your concern. We will not address this issue again. We have removed you from our email list and wish you well.” Not only did refuse to make this right, and refund the dual shipping charges (which is all I was asking for), Kathy was extremely rude in her responses, and their company consistently fluctuates on prices, and runs unethical business practices, including raising the price on the product for a sale, and then lowering it back down after the sale, and shows no remorse or concern for their customer when issues arise, such as my last order that mysteriously got lost in shipment, and it took almost 2 weeks to receive a new roll of insulation, as well as refunding this small and insignificant amount of money for incorrect shipping charges, which should be done, not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because a company should want to keep a customer they have had for 7 years and not want to brush them off and be rude to their longtime customer. I expect this company to resolve this dual shipping charge issue immediately.

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