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Published: 22 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On 10/23/14 I purchased a 2013 Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab from insurance auto auction. I understood that the vehicle was in an accident and understood that the vehicle will need repairs to get it road worthy again. The ad placed by insurance auto auctions indicated that there was front end damage and front end passanger side damage on the truck, but in no way did it indicate that the vehicle was a complete and total loss, like other ads on their website indicate. On 10/29/14 I paid for the truck and had it delivered to me the next day. I received the truck on 10/30/14 and the truck looked like the ad stated; front end damage and front end passenger side damage. I took the car to an auto body shop in my area to get the bumper and the passenger side fender fixed, but to my surprise the tech called me to let me know that the Truck had “severe” frame damage and this truck needed the entire frame replaced, and they also stated that someone had already tried to fix the frame trying to pull it back into place, and by doing so tore the passanger side frame horn. IAAI in no way mentioned this in their ad, nor they mentionted that they tried to fix the frame. After that, I took the car to get it looked at at two other frame shop, and they all stated the same information. I called IAAI in Anaheim and spoke to the person incharge of cases like this (I do have the name of such individual) on 11/24/14 @3:36pm. He told me he would need the stock number and some time to review the pictures and ad? The representative called me back on 11/25/14 and left me a voice mail. I called him back and we had a conversation about me feeling that they misrepresented the information on the ad. Unfortunately I am not the main account holder, but did purchase the vehicle myself with personal funds. After the rep confired that inforamtion, his demeanor changed and got extremely rude to me saying something in the lines of I was out of luck and he was not going to speak to me about the matter. I asked to be transfered to his supervisors voivemail and all he did was placed me on hold for more than 10 minutes with out being transfered. I’m in the process of following this up with the main buyer I purchased membership with to pursue this and contacting their corporate headquarters, but I now that this will probably get me anywere with out the help of an attorney. .

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