Intech pay payment gateway is a card skimming scam. Be aware they’re completely fraudulent!

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Published: 13 August 2017

Posted by: Martin J. Martin

I feel the need the share this story so that no one else gets defrauded like I did. I almost ended up in jail ‘cos of these motherfuckers. I opened a small internet based shop where I offered various souvenirs like sport memorabilia items, you know, vintage baseball hats and jerseys, basketballs from the 70’s etc… Basically, I collected those from multiple sources and put them all together on sale through my website to turn a small profit, but mostly, I did it to connect with people that are interested in memorabilia the same way I am. I wasn’t looking to invest a lot of money into the development of the site, I designed almost entirely by myself and was looking for a cheap solution to integrate the payment processor into it.
After a short time, and from this perspective, I came across Intech. They offered a relatively low-cost implementation of payment gateway. I still regret not doing a proper research. I set it all up but it was a bit strange to do business with them. Every conversation was done from a personal email account and I never actually got anything from them officially presented. Consequently, they set me up with the gateway and I launch my site. It wasn’t really what I imagined it would be and the site actually started off really well. I made a ton of sales in the first week alone. Can’t really describe the feeling of seeing something you really enjoy doing take off that quickly and that well.
But immediately there were problems. After just a couple of days in business, I started getting some strange emails from my customers and my sales dropped to zero. Even my visits were plummeting instead of going up. And those emails were saying stuff like: you stole my money, scammers, and frauds, I will sue etc… Not really figuring what the hell is going on I tried to get in touch with a couple of my customers, but they all had the similar response: you will be hearing from my lawyer.
I started getting seriously worried as I figured that the problem was people thought I sold them fake stuff and were unsatisfied with their purchases. But that wasn’t the case. Then I got the call from a friend who found really bad reviews of my site in multiple places on the web. It turned out my site was being accused of skimming the credit cards. Wait, WHAT?
I read almost a dozen of those reviews and they all stated the same. My site defrauded them and stole their credit card info. Then it all came crashing down; the realization that these bastards were stealing money from my customers. I contacted them through all the means I could think of but I couldn’t get a response anywhere. I decided to immediately shut down the site, but before I did that, I purchased an item of my own website just to see what is actually going on.
So what these bastards did was to refer me to a fake payment site and then when I enter my credit card data, they actually forward me to the real site with some kind of error page and you wouldn’t suspect anything was wrong. So you make a payment with the real payment processor, but these assholes already got all of your credit card info, and then they charge you for various amounts all over the web. These motherfuckers were doing that to who knows how many people prior to doing it to my customers.
Since then I have been sued but all my customers are now informed that it wasn’t me who defrauded them and all those skim charges are now being investigated by the police. In the meantime, I would caution everyone to STAY AWAY from all of the mirror sites Intech pay payment gateway has on the web. ALL OF THEM ARE FRAUDULENT and they will fuck you over. I suffered such a loss that I honestly hope I never find out who is behind all of this ‘cos, gods forbid I get my hands on him. They destroyed something that I really enjoyed and ruined my reputation for good. FOR THAT, THEY DESERVE TO GET PUNISHED and I’ll pursue that with all the means at my disposal.

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