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Published: 20 September 2018

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An Integrity sales consultant came into our Automotive shop in 2008 and convinced us to use their services for scanning checks to check if they were legit before accepting. Being we had already had a few hot checks we agreed, signed a contract with Integrity services for 11.00, and then noticed that they were taking out 59.00 a month also, explanation was with that they would collect any bad checks, allow us to scan checks so we would know if the dl and account number was associated with any other bad checks. We sent in 4 checks totaling over $700.00 with no return and when we would speak with them they never could locate anything. Problem was then they wanted the original so at the store we only had a copy and when we tried to turn that to the county attorney they would not accept it because they had to have the original. Now here comes the kicker, we signed a three year agreement, and at the end we did as they asked and sent Integrity a written notice to cancel all contracts associated with this account, we were unpleased with the service we have gotten. Well 2 months later the 11.00 stopped however the 59.00 dollars was still coming out of our account, so I contacted them again, and was told then for the 1st time that the 59.00 was not associated with them but with MBF leasing who took on the equipment leasing that we used at our shop. I was like what equipment leasing, I bought the machine out right I have the cancelled check here, ma’am you signed a contract take it up with them, no where on the contract could I find a mbf leasing on the original, asked many times for the original and they would not give it to me. Once I called MBF the number Integrity gave us, their company then explained that it did not matter if I sent a cancellation letter to the original people we signed with by the correct time, if they don’t recieve one with the equipment by that date then they automatically sign us up for another 3 year lease agreement at the original cost. We closed our account to keep them from taking more money, we also had closed our shop down too, we sent back the machine via certified return recite with a letter stating that we want this account closed for we had never agreed to a lease with them. We feel stupid because we didn’t ask questions sooner, just assumed it was all one company and took it at face value, now this company is threating to sue us if we do not pay the 800+ they say we owe them for services we did not ask for nor did we originally sign for or resign for. If you are a business owner I warn you to double check, research, and read all contracts and companies you sign with. This mistake cost us our business and lively hood, by taking money out of our profits that were for nothing, not with just this company but many others. Don’t let it happen to you.

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