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Published: 31 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This company has taken over 20,000 dollars from me on false pretense and failure to uphold contracts. They use a “”broker”” called national pool routes sales to find them buyers of their pool routes. The way this happened was during high school i was contacted by them and told about a great oppurtunity to buy a pool route and that the company had grown to big to fast and was looking to sell of some accounts. They sent me a list of payment records and customers who supposedly in combined billing paid roughly 20k to integrity over a year for pool cleaning services. They asked for all the cash upfront and offered a 90 day guarentee on all accounts. Upon sending the funds they sent me a more detailed list of all the addresses and phone numbers. When I contacted them majority of the customers were hostile and upset. About half cancelled in 90days. In our contract we had an agreemnent that all cancelled account would be replaced with new accounts or cash. and only cash if the cancellations were over 30 days old. I recieved a check of about 4500 and was told that i would be given replacements for the rest of the accounts. However this never happened at the end of the 90 days Michael Dunshea the head of the compny contacted me saying he owed me nothing and it was my fault the customers left and my service to them was poor and he would go to the fullest extent to protect the money i sent him. Big problem with this is after taking the money from me M.Dunshea promised to service the accounts for 90 days and hence i couldnt provide poor service since he was the one doing it. I had to leave the country for an urgent matter and as soon as my friend was to take over a provide services all the customers are magically being serviced by integrity again while my own crews were trying to service them. Never trust these guys on national pool route sales they target unexpecting people

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