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Published: 04 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This is one of those companies that scams you for not reading the terms and conditions, whichs explains that you’re in a trial period, and charges you a larger fee later if you don’t cancel within a certain amount of time. And they’ll keep charging you that fee monthly. Note the receipts you get via e-mail do not mention any further charges (is that legal?). | I made the mistake of ordering the product Interall “Natural Focus Stimulant” and Chamomile Calm for the prices of $4.95 and $5.95, respectively. I received a bottle of each a few days later. I didn’t think the Interall was very good, but the Chamomile wasn’t bad, especially taken before bed. | Then I looked at my next credit card bill and found those two charges from this company, plus two more for $69.95 and $64.95. | I called them and they explained that the two larger charges is what I agreed to in the “Terms and Conditions” box I checked when ordering. Again, the receipt makes no mention of a subscription or further charges, rather the releveant text of the receipt looks like this: | Items In Your Order | Intererall – TR | Order Total: $4.95 | —– | Also note, they don’t send you a receipt when they charge you the $69.95 and $64.95 either (the date of these charges was a week ago, and I should have gotten a receipt by now if they were going to send one.) | So yes, I’m a dummy for not reading the “Terms and Condition”, but of course the company omits what it needs to lull you to sleep about the other charges. | So if you made the same mistake as me you should call the 888-298-0291 as soon as you can to avoid getting

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