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The training that Intellibiz is offering is only good if you want to become a fucking idiot. THEY AR

First of all, they are completely illegally charging monthly fees. They advertise their mentoring services as at will and charges are supposed to be only if you agree to join but they never ask you to confirm your enrollment. But then when you get your credit card bill the next month, you realize that they are charging you a monthly fee. That should be fucking illegal.
At no point do you actually get asked if you want a monthly or a one-time fee and if you want to pay at all! Classic internet scam! And when you want to opt-out from those charges, you have to file a request form which is hidden in terms and conditions and you have to file it in a separate email. IT IS EASIER TO PASS A LAWYERING TEST THAN TO OPT OUT OF THIS FUCKING THING.
And btw, I spoke to a lawyer and he was having a hard time unwrapping that idiotic agreement. Everything in it is designed to be unclear and confusing to the customer, or should I say a victim. If they were only skilled in real estate as their lawyers were in creating this monstrosity, they would be the best training program ever. But I believe these idiots are actually in the scamming business, not training.
If you Google this: Intellibiz scam, you will find instances where people actually filed for a refund of the illegally charged fees and came up short ‘cos these fucks are prepared to do anything. They are simply used to getting sued and they don’t care. That money is stolen, either way, they are profiting.
And yes while you are googling them, feel free to check out the obvious posts of their employers. ON EVERY FUCKING MESSAGE BOARD, there are always people “refuting” the allegations of this scam but when you look those people up, they only write on the boards that talk about this scam. HOW OBVIOUS do you have to be to do that? Fucking idiots are trying to stop the information of their wrongdoing to get to the public.
This is all because the law obviously can’t take these fuckers down, so the only way to stop them is to spread the truth amongst the people and warn them about this scam. BUT THAT WOULD RUIN THEM so they sabotage every message board.
And now comes the main part!!!!! THEIR TRAINING PROGRAM IS FUCKING BULLSHIT… PLS try to find ANYONE who actually learned something from the mentoring he got from these idiots. GOOD LUCK!!! This is just another one of those “we teach you ways to better living” scams.
And they always operate in the same fashion. The give you the “tools and means” to make yourself into anything you want, in this case, real estate expert, but when you actually fail ‘cos they are incompetent and actually can’t teach you shit, they make it your fault. It is always the same story that you were not trying enough and you self-sabotaged the efforts, and they are not to blame for your fails. FUCKING SCAMMERS!!!
Seriously think about it. If these idiots are such experts, shouldn’t they have enough money not to charge people in the first place!? C’MON! WHO ARE YOU KIDDING? This Bill Vaughn got a lucky break or scammed his way to becoming rich and he cannot make money so he has to scam people. Why would he need to teach anything if he is a real estate guru?
These idiots took the same old idea, tweaked it just a little bit and tried to rehash it into “simple way to make money” or whatever… So obviously fake, I was laughing my ass off doing the research for this one. And yeah I forgot to mention why I did this.
My mom got ripped off by a company similar to this one, and as soon as I heard this name, I immediately knew it was a scam and a quick research confirmed it. I WOULD SUGGEST EVERYONE to do a bit research before you start dealing with morons from Intellibiz. It is good to know what kind of assholes these people are and have it in mind if you are looking to have anything with them. In all the research I did, I am yet to find a CREDIBLE PERSON that benefited from the course these idiots are selling.

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  1. Chuck Hall March 28, 2019

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