Intellibiz are just fooling people with their real estate guide, it doesn’t help at all!

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Published: 01 September 2017

Posted by: Dawna D. Scott

I have great interest in the real estate business. I’ve read every real estate forum and every possible information over the internet to gather knowledge of the business.
I came across Intellibiz in the first week of February. It’s a web based real estate mentoring program. Being the curious soul in this field I wanted to give it a try. I bought it for 1 dollar..! The price seems to be really small(great marketing strategy) and that is the reason most people are buying it.

They say no cash or credit needed and that it’s a non-profit organization. Soon after that, they go on to say that you can buy it for a very small amount of 1 dollar. That sure seems to be a small amount for one person but if you are fooling 1 million people with this non-profit trick of yours, you still become a millionaire right?

I purchased this program and invested so much time on it after falling for the same trick. There is no mentoring as such. There are no details that could actually help a person in the real estate business.

The mentoring program is really just a laugh riot. This bullshit crap can never help anyone in the real estate deal. I would still prefer reading the real estate forums instead of wasting time in this utterly confusing real estate guide shit.

They’ve written that they offer full lifetime guarantee but they kind of know that people wouldn’t come back for a dollar. They will never have to refund any of your money that way!

All the reviews and testimonials are crap..! People who are claiming to benefit from this are their own people. No sensible person would buy that fake shit..!
I can’t really believe that people are actually selling 50 properties in a day with their help. This is all bullshit. They’re selling their program on fake marketing that shows their program in good light all over the internet. Well buddy that’s not the truth.
The program just has some vague things. All they’ve catered in the name of advice is just lame.

This shit is not going to help anyone! Tried and tested myself, they’ve given all nonsense things in the program that gives you a feel of guidance but there’ll be no benefits from that shit for real!
If you really want to get real estate advice you might have to jump in the actual market and not just beat around the bush buying this program.
You wouldn’t find value in this program at all. Just save yourself the time and put it in a better place.

I would post this on every scam revealing platform for people to know their reality. Intellibiz, you lame advisors.. Keep your shit to yourselves!

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