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Published: 04 October 2018

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The owner of Lazer Claims Investigations and Security Services, Lester Beam, decided to commit fraud and conspire against his own employee in an attempt to have a “legitimate” reason to fire the employee. The employee, myself, was only concerned with safety issues at a site that I had worked (not the Holiday Inn). After Lester Beam continued to ignore the safety concerns, I decided to file a complaint with OSHA. When Lester Beam learned of this, he harassed me and fabricated false documents (writeup) with false statements that he made up while conspiring with the brother-in-law, George Tingle, of the owner of the site in question (Ocean Marine Contractors). I had written to Lester Beam’s clients to warn them of the illegal actions he took against me for my concern over workplace safety. The local Holiday Inn didn’t seem to care that their contractor committed multiple illegal and immoral acts. The general manager of the local Holiday Inn, Sharon Howell, even said that she didn’t care about what was going on. I also got a response from IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group). Intercontinental Hotel Group is the corporate entity that owns the Holiday Inn brand. The local Holiday Inn is owned by a franchisee (Landcom Hospitality Management). The executive that responded, Ms. Kari Morris, basically said that she didn’t care. Her more exact wording was that each Holiday Inn was owned by a franchisee and that I needed to try to work with that franchisee. However, the tone of the letter told me that if one couldn’t work with the franchisee, then the corporate entity that owned the Holiday Inn brand, Intercontinental Hotel Group, would not get involved. Therefore, the Holiday Inn in question, their general manager Sharon Howell, Landcom Hospitality Management, as well as Intercontinental Hotel Group could care less if a contractor commits fraud and illegally fires an employee that’s only trying to make their workplace a more safe environment. In other words, none of them care about the safety of their hotels nor the safety of their guests. I would advise that you avoid using any of the IHG properties. Below is a list of the brand names that IHG owns:

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