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Published: 13 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I was elated to start earning my degree in fashion design. I researched heavily for school that I felt matched my needs. I choose to relocate to tampa to have a fresh start and focus on my classes. I contact IADT in regrads to the fashion design & marketing program. It was VERY important for me to have a cirrculium that focused both on design and marketing as I was already working in the marketing field. I was contacted by a recruiter and went through the process of funding my education. I soon was signing my life away in terms of loans one being federal and the other a private loan through the institution itself. After attending courses their for about a year ( which is half way through the program) I realized I had been duped. I thought I was attending The art institute back when I was reseaching schools both of these schools had a VERY similiar logo. IADT was latered sued for the use of the logo. I also was informed that the degree I was hoping on recieving was changing. One day during class our professor instructed us that the degree was changing and that we HAD to sign a new form stating that we understood it was changing or we had too leave class and possibly the program! Most of us complained but signed degrungently. I was an above average student earning a 3.5 gpa. I volunteered throughtout school, Tampa, and neighboring cities at ANY fashion related events in order to gain experence which my instructors and career advisors suggested in order to enhance my resume and gain much needed experience before graduation. I must state that I also took on the added resposibilities of working at iadt’s registration office in order to stay in the building and continue to work on school projects and develop close ties to my instructors/counselors. After graduation I wasn’t placed with ANY job leads or interviews in my indusrty. After working on some of my very own connections from volunteering I was able to gain part time employment at Home Shopping Network this was the closest I would get a position in the industry. Although I stayed on for over a year oncall 24 hours a day I was never offered fulltime employment and soon found myself working in retail. In debt of 50,000 and still unable to get a job in the industry I begun to move anywhere that offered me any kind o chance at earning money and a position in the industry. Unfortunately, most of my peers have had the same fate. I was NEVER placed with any interviews despite being told from recruiters that I would have job placement assistance. I am now on welfare unable to find a job and struggling to save enough money to go back to school. Still in debt. Although I worked hard in school fnishing earlier than anticipated with above average grades and volunteering everywhere nothing mattered. I was lied to about what degree I was earning, job placement assistance, and the industry as a whole. .

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