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Published: 28 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was abused and defrauded by Anselmo Llobera and Gustavo Zamora. they defrauded me for 240 000$. I sold my house to pay them and they have me deported. I filed with the police in Netherlands but they never helped me. I red many times Anselmo Llobera has defrauded other parents. these people are dangerous, if i file here this is to tell to defrauded parents, to file against them, go to the police, go to the fbi, go to the cia, report those theifs the best you can,. file here, open some facebook page, open sone web pages to tell the world about the robbery you wnet through with these people cause the police do not care, Risjwijk police did nothing to help and i can see Anselmo LLobera moves to Lahaye now. Is there any cops or justice in Lahaye to stop these people to defraud others parents, i have doubts, cause i think the Netherlands is like the USA, with Zamora, thye let them do what ever they want. If you have been defrauded , please report these people, and Llobera if you read this, I hope one day you will fall very deep where you belong to be. you defrauded me under the eyes of the police and i hope you will pay one day. pathetic sick guy that you are .

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