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The Biggest Scam I Came Across

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Published: 09 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

SCAM!!! SKAM??? However you want to spell it. Don’t believe the hype! Nursing recognition should never have to be paid for! Any organization that recognizes you will tell you who recommended you and you won…no money! Well Connie Austin thought I was great! She says I’ll get featured on the website, she says I’ll have access to networking with other nurses, she says I’ll have tuition benefits with Chamberlain University, she says I’ll receive discounts with Expedia and the American Red Cross. She thinks I’m so accomplished that I DESERVE to give them $789 for the diamond or $589 for platinum or $389 for gold or $199 for general and THEN pay $199 to be published in a book…that comes out NEXT year, then you JUST pay $34.95/month for access to the website (you mean the one I just paid 2, 4, 6 or 8 hundred dollars for?) I told her I don’t have any money to spend on this sort of thing and she says ok…I’ll sponsor you! (how sweeeet) You’ll have the same access to the website and be featured in the BACK of the book….oh and THEN….I STILL get to pay $34.95/month…and as long as I pay….I have access for life? (huh??) They request you pay for your own publication 700 dollars as a leader in world health. Its fraudulent practice and they should be shut down! They pull you in by sending you a letter about how you have been recognized as a leader in world health… Who doesn’t like to hear that! But bringing the ego down a little you start to think about it n it doesn’t make sense… Not sure which nursing site is selling info to these cons but they should stop!This is when I hung up. They….are Joe’s old lady…smh!

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